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Oct 13, 2017
horrible auto insurance company
Anonymous Policyholder

I had this insurance for years, my son turned 16 and received his permit. I called to get quote and they wanted to charge me 600 plus more a month. Of course I did what any other sane person would do, called around and realized the known"real" insurance companies aren't more expensive. I switched to Prgoressive with my teen added as a driver and 3rd full coverage car and still pay less than I did with Infinity! After a month, they sent me a bill stating that I need to send proof that I have another insurance. I did and then another month goes by and then a collection letter in the mail. I am beyond furious and as we are trying to purchase a new home, I just paid it instead of fighting with him. I don't need this on our beware!!! They will file collection once you cancel them!!!

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Aug 23, 2017
Don't Do It!
Kitsuen Policyholder

Canceled today. Just got it yesterday but decided to keep it although Allstate offered me $20+ cheaper with towing, collision, and comprehensive. Found out that the policy charges the second month 15 days after the first payment so tried to move it but agent told me Texas law requires the second charge for 6-mo plans to be 15 days after 1st but couldn't provide law code, told me to look on Google while I of course had already done so as I was sitting on PC and only saw laws regarding 15 days when it concerned claims. Called TDI to verify and called Infinity back to see what was up. Unprofessional, for liability insurance w/o collision, towing, UIM, etc, nothing. It was literally for the policy of 30K/60K. Payed $192.87 for 1st payment and calculated how much should be refunded which is technically 31 days 9/21 but decided to be nice and consider a month 30 days which meant instead of $12.443 being taken it would be $12.858. Was told I'd be getting back $171.87 and questioned the difference where I was told they had a $15 processing fee and Texas $1 fee. That's not even the true amount as she said I'd have to wait 24 hrs before finding out the final refund amount and that they'd have to mail it which could take about 3 weeks although they have my account information and took it from my checking account. -_- I hope no one else goes to them because my less than 24 hr experience with them was complete bull$#!+.

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Aug 18, 2017
PATHETIC company, terrible people!
BatMike666 Policyholder

Today is the day I CELEBRATE dropping this sorry excuse of an "insurance company"

It started when a semi blew a tire on the interstate as I was getting up alongside of him, and the tire carcass flew up right into my way. I had two options, try to swerve, which there wasn't enough time to do and miss it, plus I would have had to hit the big SUV next to me in the other lane. Or I could just hit it and hope for the best. Needless to say, I hit the tire debris, and it did minor damage to my car. 8 phone calls and 2 weeks later, my claim has gotten nowhere, and I found out i only needed to spend $244 and I could fix it myself, so I did. The next week, they tell me I had no right to repair my own car, and that the incident with the tire was entirely my fault so it wouldn't be covered, even though my policy CLEARLY states that it would be covered. That's when the real nightmare started!

I really wish I could post my screen shots, as even when they call and I SCREAM into the phone "STOP CALLING ME!" they IMMEDIATELY call back, then just call and call and call and call. One day I got 17 calls in 7 minutes, then later that same day, they called me 41 times in just under an hour. In one week, I had a total of 274 missed calls from them, NOT including the ones where I screamed at them to stop calling me! One day the calls started at 6:15 in the morning. Finally I answered and told them that I will be cancelling my policy and switching to a different company, and I got insulted, threatened, and told they will take me to court for dropping them. 

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Mar 14, 2017
Bottom of the barrel quality
Anonymous Policyholder

To save yourself from a head ache and drama that this company will cause you I recommend you pay more for a well known insurance so you don't have to deal with the Bs this company will cause your life

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Feb 26, 2017
Crappiest insurance company ever!
Anonymous Policyholder

Horrible company! They want you to pay every month but when you have an accident they tell you your insurance was cancelled and they supposedly sent you a letter, I NEVER RECIEVED ONE! Also, everyone you talk to is rude and very disrespectful!

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Aug 18, 2017

I will vouch for this review! I had the same problems! Only company of any kind that I've ever been truly HAPPY to end a relationship with!

Jan 17, 2017
Reggielex Policyholder

I have a police which expires this month on 1/19/17. They sent me paperwork to add my cousin as an excluded driver (which I never received). I actually moved and updated my address. I do everything online, and they always send me everything via email, but this time they didn't. They said that they wouldn't renew my policy because they didn't get the documents in time. I had two vehicles on the policy, a new one and a 1999 Honda civic. Never got into any accidents and had them since 2013. To find out, they didn't want to cover my Honda because it's older than 15yrs old, so they found a way to not renew the policy and said I'd have to get a whole new policy. The new policy was $222 down payment and $220 a month. The old policy was $162 a month. I have a clean driving record, no accidents, no tickets. Don't go to these crooks. I'm going to take it as far as the better business bureau (BBB) for the fact that I hate when companies cheat people. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

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Jan 13, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

Had The worst experience ever. It was a hit and run. I suffered several herniated discs in my neck and was going to therapy. They made me meet with one of their chiropractors for 15 minutes who then decided it wasn't necessary for me to go to Therapy anymore and without adequate notification stopped coverage and sent me a verified letter about 3 weeks later. 

In addition, the woman who I worked with over the phone was extremely rude, challenging, and unhelpful. She specifically told me the payment for repairs would be sent to the auto body shop directly. After a month I still was unable to get my car because they hadn't received the payment, forcing me to stay in the rental beyond my 30 day limit. They refuse to extend coverage because they said they sent the check directly to me. I never received any check. The worst part of this accident has been having to deal with this unhelpful, unprofessional insurance company. I am still in pain and it has cost me twice as much as my deductible. DONT CHOOSE INFINITY FOR ANYTHING.

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Dec 02, 2016
Malisima no la recomiendo
Anonymous Policyholder

Cancelamos la aseguranza y nos dijeron q no íbamos a tener ninguna penalidad o cobro y resulta q tenemos q pagar un balanance q tenemos ..y si no pagamos nos mandan a coleccion. .no la recomiedo

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