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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jul 13, 2018
Auto Policy
Gatorseven Policyholder

I have been a Geico customer for years. I decided to shop for better rates. I did receive a couple of rates at twenty to fifty dollars less. But looking at the offers, the coverage I wanted was substantionally lower. They have a very nice website, easy to look or download proof of insurance, policy and coverage. They also offer umbrella insurance at a great rate if you want to exceed the amount you might be liable for in a court room. The few times I have called them the staff has been professional and polite.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 28, 2018
Liars & Thieves
Mikey9094 Policyholder

These crooks offer you a 15% savings to switch to Geico then first renewal they raise you 30%.

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Apr 26, 2019
The thrift store of insurance
mananas82 Policyholder

Had GEICO for years. Had them a couple of times, actually. Never had a complaint or an issue. The price was right, I felt like I was getting a lot of coverage for my money, and every time I called in for a policy change, I was always greeted so warmly and felt very taken care of. I felt confident that if I would ever have to make a claim that I'd be in great hands. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was hit from behind by a scumbag who said I merged into him. First claim of my whole life, I completely screwed it up thanks to wonderful nerves and ended up losing and that's all fine, it is what it is. What isn't fine is how I was treated. I submitted the claim and didn't hear anything the next morning. Called in later that afternoon to be told a decision had been made and I was at fault. I disputed the decision and got it escalated. Was told I would be called back, waited a couple of days for a call back, call never came. Called in again and was told decision had already been made again. Fought tooth and nail with my own file owner and got nowhere. Fought tooth and nail with the other party's file owner (scum also had GEICO) and also got nowhere. Fought with my file owner again and requested to speak with her manager. She refused and declared the decision final. I called in on the customer service line and spoke to someone not attached to my claim who took my complaint and forwarded it to the file owner's manager. Finally got a name and a direct phone number. Called over a couple of weeks and left several voicemails, none of which were ever returned. Complained again. Finally got a call back the next day from a different manager who said the previous manager had been "released from the company". After 20 minutes of more arguing, I finally got a word versus word decision. Later that day or the next day, they flipped it back. Overall, my decision was flipped or modified a total of six times. Finally got the manager to settle on a word versus word decision and promised the decision was final. ONE MONTH LATER, they flipped it again. Again, decision was "final". The following two business weeks, I called in and complained constantly before finally demanding to speak to that manager's manager. He refused. I demanded. He refused. I demanded. Back and forth like five year olds until he finally gave me a name and a phone number. Now, up until this point, all three file owners and this manager were incredibly rude. Aside from the fact that none of the file owners ever once called me. My file owners never fought for me like a file owner is supposed to do. I had a nearly identical argument with my own file owner that I had with the other party's file owner and several identical arguments with the rude manager. Each of these people talked over me and cut me off, refused to listen, refused to let me speak to whoever was above them, and did nothing for me. They weren't even kind in their tones. They were cold and horrible and made me feel like my calling in even for information when the claim was new was the most annoying thing they'd have to deal with all year. The manager's manager, however, was amazing. He let me just get it all out, listened to every word I had to say, answered every question I had, and apologized for the way I was treated. It is RIDICULOUS that I had to go through that much heartache and that many people to get ONE PERSON to treat me like a human being.

During this process, we filed a complaint with the department of insurance because of the way I was treated. GEICO responded that they did nothing wrong (of course), never missed a call, and never failed to return one. They completely tore us apart and called us liars. When we filed the complaint, we also canceled our policy with GEICO and began shopping. We now pay more than we were paying, but we personally know a file owner with the company we chose, so we know how we will be treated should we ever have to file another claim. Hopefully we won't, but you never know when a scumbag will hit you, and you never know how you'll have the capacity to respond. Scumbags will be scumbags, and GEICO is there to protect them.

We didn't leave GEICO because we disagreed with their decision, we're fine with their decision. They did the best they could with the information they had. We left GEICO because they treated us so poorly. I would only say buy a policy from them if you truly cannot afford anything else and they really are the cheapest for you, or if you don't drive much so your chances of getting into something ridiculous are much lower. If you drive a lot, keep shopping.

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Mar 02, 2019
iluvmuzzic Policyholder

GEICO Policy Holder for years.....Always Great Service..No ..Never had any complaints with Company and or Customer Service!!!!!!!

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Feb 22, 2019
Auto insurance policy with two cars.
ADAM0246 Policyholder

Horrible company, I filed a glass claim through them online and then I called to follow up and they ended up filing two claims on my driving record. When I went to another company I called them back to dispute it and they told me they cannot remove the claim even though they did not pay me for one of them and or provide any proof of payment when asked. their response was they closed the claim at $0 and are unable to remove it from my driving record even though it's listed as an accident that they paid out on. Lady was supposed to send me a email stating that it was a $0 claim so I can provide it to my new insurance company and of course after a double checking my email address with her I never received the email after I hung up. Terrible customer service horrible rates go with Progressive or the general.

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Feb 04, 2019
Awful every process has 10 more steps
Senseishake Policyholder

They make everything unnecessarily difficult to discourage filing claims. Nothing is same day fix with them, customer service is difficult and they try to coerce you to only use the app that sucks. Apparently they like to hike rates on things that by law can't affect rates like glass in Arizona so make sure you dispute those
Generally speaking yes they're cheap no it's not worth it. Military discount is garbage as well.

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Feb 01, 2019
Charlespereira Policyholder

Experience whit geico claims have ben waiting on then for 8monts they dont have a respect for customers. Very bad customers services every wherer and any weher online all the reviews from this companie are bad. 

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