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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 26, 2013
Great company
mattkwarr Policyholder

I have had Geico since I first began driving. I had a small accident and they handled every thing for me right away. No matter what time it is, Geico customer service representatives are available to assist you in any way. The company will send you insurance cards any time you need them for free. Paying is easy with the online account that each customer has. There were times when I needed a few extra days to pay my bill and someone worked with me to ensure no lapses in coverage. The only issue I have had with Geico was the fact that they never told me that my renter's insurance policy was actually issued by a different company when I first purchased the policy. I was very disappointed about that, but Geico is still amazing and best of all, affordable.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 11, 2014
Permium increase without reason
Anonymous Policyholder

Geico increased premium by $33/month for no reason. Nothing changed, not coverage, not address, not the number of people on policy. Called customer service and asked them why and they had no answer except they re-evaluated us. We didnt get any tickets, filed any claims... nothing. I asked them to re-evaluate us since nothing has changed and they said they could not help with the rate.

Went to another company. New premium was half the premium Geico wanted to charge. Called and cancelled Geico and they undercut the rate of new provider by a few dollars. Told the customer service this rate is for now but they would increase it down the line for no reason. 

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Jun 26, 2017
Not worth it
Anonymous Policyholder

Cancelled policy for another insurance company.
Geico sends letter 22 days later that says your going to be placed into collections for the balance of $21.00 that will be your final notice that is due in 15 days. What a bunch of jerks!

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Jun 14, 2017
Don't believe what they say !!!!
ShmayaC Policyholder

My son was looking to lease a vehicle, and got a quote from Gieco,  paid them the premuium, and a day later they called him to say that they made a mistakle and increased his premuim $600/year !!!! he made the decission to lease the vehicle thinking he would be able to spend X amount of dollars on the insurance, and after he signed all the papers and took ownership of the vehicle, they call a day later to inform him that he is now stuck with a payment he can't afford!!! 

No one to talk to, at Gieco - the worse customer service I have ever en****ered... I cant belive this is legel !!!!

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May 28, 2017
Both are cars were insured for 5 years
Canyonjon Policyholder

Geico was our company for many years. We had NO claims. After we went somewhere else, they left us with another bill. Horrible company. I work in the auto industry and know they are the worst at paying claims. Now with state farm.

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May 18, 2017
Geico sucks
Anonymous Policyholder

I am a current costumer of Geico ( looking for a new company ) and let me say not only do the rip people off but they are very rude. On May 3rd 2017 I had a tree fall on my vehicle during a bad storm and total it out. I called that night and made a claim. I was told the tree had to off my vehicle before anyone got to my house to inspect my vehicle. So me my husband and neighbor along with some family members worked all day on the 4th cutting to tree and moving it. The adjuster comes out ( i wasnt home and didnt know he was coming ) the friday to look at my vehicle then sends a tow truck that night to pick it up and tells me he can't give me a settlement amount until he got the mileage. So he calls me with the amount Monday leaves a message telling me the amount and it's lower the blue book. I call claims dept to find out why and how they got the number and was told my carpet and seats were wet and they took that off of the value and I had a busted out window and my windshield was busted to and they took from the value. I told the women I 40,000 pound tree fell on my vehicle and caused that damage and it rained another 6 to 7 hours after the tree fell and busted out the window I was then told I should have went out in the middle of this storm mind you so bad that the power company had to replace transformers that were fried from lightening and moved the tree off my vehicle and covered the windows with a tarp to prevent further damage. I have full coverage and they should have paid me for my vehicle but instead over a week and a half they told me how dents and dings shattered windows and leaks under my hood all caused from the tree falling on it was all stuff they were taking off towards the value. I also went to the tow yard to take pictures of stuff they said my vehicle didn't have like air bags just to name 1 and was to geico has informed them I couldn't see my vehicle without there permission.... wth this is still my vehicle geico doesn't own it or have any say so over it. Word of advice never go with them unless you know you will never have to make a claim. This was my first one I have ever had to make and I was weather related and still got treated like a piece of trash.

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May 13, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

I've had State Farm for many years but the rates kept going up.  I was told to try Geico and I'm very pleased with their prices and level of service.

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Mar 14, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

After being insured by the company for over 5 years and having my business and other aspects of my life insured by the company with no issues, I am dishearted to say I will be looking for other forms of insurance. After being todl I had to combine my insurance with my fiance, they incorrectly entered my information in the system and misinformed the DMV so my plates were taken by a police officer and I have to pay for a 30 day permit. I feel, as this is a mistake on the part of the company, they shoudl take care of this amount due and/or reinburse me. Upon speaking to 2 seperate representatives and one apologetic but unwilling to assist supervisor I was left without answers to why I am being made to pay this amount and a bill. As it seems, they take less pride in keeping the loyal customers they have and more in protecting their employees, I will look into other companies who are willing to correct their mistakes and keep loyal customers.

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Feb 19, 2017
Buyer beware! 9 years no claims. Rates d
Anonymous Policyholder

Run from this company as fast as you can. We been with them for 9 years without a single claim. Rates doulbed with nothing but excuses. Goodbye geico!! Never again!!

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Apr 01, 2017

What year(s) are your insured vehicle(s)..?

Jan 17, 2017
Auto insurance
Anonymous Policyholder

 Customer service is terrible with  communicating with customers. Causing customer to be terminated with falsehood  information. This is something that needs to be addressed seriously. Can't have good business by repeating the lies about customers. 

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Apr 01, 2017

Reason why their rates are lower than other competitor's.... they more than likely outsource their customer service. I'd still take lower pricing

Jan 06, 2017
They paint a pretty picture at first
Anonymous Policyholder

When you sign up for Geico insurance after the first  year great except  when the renewal comes in and they raise your rates for no reason whatsoever. This is commonly known as the hook.

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