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Most Helpful Positive Review

Sep 23, 2015
Great service!
Anonymous Policyholder

I have had Farmers thru 2 agents-since my first retired, and he was a fine agent.  Mike A***, my agent now, has been nothing if not supportive, friendly & helpful.  I've been thru wrecks and personal problems and he takes care of me quickly & fairly.  Wouldn't go anywhere else even if they were cheaper.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 28, 2013
Horrible service!! stealin my money
johncraig87 Policyholder


We have been with Farmers since the beginning of 2011 when we got our new car. For 2 years, everything was pristine, only time i would contact them is for a copy of a new policy to carry around in the car. However, there was a mishap in their technology in Janurary and payments that occur via their Farmer's Auto Pay, which supposedly saved us money...stopped happening. It appears at the beginning of this year, they didn't receive payments for February or March, which of course caused me to lose insurance on our car, I found this information via a lovely cancellation letter in my email two months later...They didn't leave a voicemail, email within a months time of not receiving payment or mail us a physical letter

I worked with Kimberly Adkins, Vice President of Operations of Farmers here in Las Vegas which helped a certain extent. Beginning of April, she ended up helping me to where i didn't need to pay a reinstating fee with the DMV ($250+ and more), but had to pay a little over $300 for a bill due to Farmer's Incompeteny, however Kimberly stated due to this issue on their end, i didn't have to pay the end of April and next payment would be the end of May, which seemed fair with the trouble they caused...

This did not take effect, she emailed me on the 16th telling me that they were still going to charge me at the end of April and she would get back to me....Writing this today I still have not heard from her a month later, and today, i had to pay another outstanding fee of $320 or so. So within two months, i should of paied almost near $300, not $700

Not only did the Vice President of Operations NOT keep her word, but Farmers in general is a joke as it seems they love to play with my money as if it doesn't matter. It is so sad that a company that actually maintained a fair relationship with me for years is switched around to disping them and their service due to incompetency on their end and not wanting to own up to the mistake.

Will I ever recommend Farmers to a friend or anyone i don't know even....not at all
Will I ever recommend to speak with Kimberly Adkins, Vice President of Operations for Farmers here in 

Vegas? Not at all

Will I mention anything regarding the solid two years i had with Farmers....again, not at all

I am currently still insured with Farmers, and will be with our new insurance company on the 5th of June 

in which Farmers will no longer receive any of my hard earned money so easily anymore.

I am typing this out in hopes to save someone else money before they get ripped of like i did.

Fortunately, i didn't have any type of accident or need them for help regarding an accident.

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Sep 18, 2016
Very reliable, reasonable,great service,
GTLJML Policyholder

I was looking at more reasonable insurance coverage. I chose Farmers over four others i got quoted from. I get all the paperwork i want and can talk to a agent anytime i want. My agent has even answered his phone when he was on vacation in the tropics. I have all my insurance with farmers and saved short of $500 with homeowners, auto motorcycle, and RV.

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Sep 08, 2016
I'll be shopping for a new policy.
mlaiuppa Policyholder

Everything is by phone so there is no paper trail. You are handed off from one person to the next so you never know who is in charge and they don't know who promised you what. Poor organization and poor communication. My agent moved to a long distance number shortly after I signed up and I haven't been able to contact her since and my multiple requests for a local agent have gone unanswered. I am so unhappy with the lack of customer service and their poor organization that I will be switching to any other company as soon as I can. 

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May 15, 2016
Great CA Rates after leaving Mercury
WiseSpending Policyholder

I was getting rising rates from Mercury even without an accident to support it.  My current rate was $505 for a 6 month lump sum payment.  My fiancee told me about Farmers because she had great rates and they had not increased for 5 straight 6 month renewals.  I talked to the local Farmers' agent who was less than 3 blocks away, and I managed to get a a rate significantly lower than my current rate.  My rate was $373, aka $132 decrease.  After telling them my fiancee had Farmers, the agent got me a multicar discount which managed to bring the rate down to $303 ($202 decrease) with better coverage.  I couldn't be happier with the rate decrease!  I was even happier to learn about Farmers' solvency reputation in California.  They do pay claims in CA.  

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Apr 20, 2016
Auto Home and Life Insurance.
gmoon20 Policyholder

My agent noticed something unusual in our casual conversation about a car I was buying. He did some investigating and determined the dealership was trying to rip me off! They had added to the contract AFTER I'd signed it and were not honest about the details of the contract. Also, when giving me copies of the contract they were missing SEVERAL pages on EVERY contract I signed!!!! I can't thank my agent enough for taking the initiative and caring enough to investigate my situation. He saved my thousands of dollars and a TON of mental anguish in dealing with this car dealership! Thank you so much Chris Thomas in River Oaks, Tx! You have a loyal customer for life here!

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Apr 20, 2016
Never been more unhappy with a service!
Anonymous Policyholder

I have never written a review in my life unless it was positive. Then again, I don't think I have ever been screwed over so bad by an agent working for a major company like Farmers! Long story short, I was added onto my grandmothers policy for auto insurance (she has had home insurance with them for many years) our agent Mike acted so polite at first, I called him to clarify the amount of coverage my grandma and I were actually receiving, he had spoke with her first so when I called about this it was the first time Mike and I talked. When he spoke to my grandma he made it sound like it was all full coverage for both our vehicles, but it wasn't, so we talked it over and fixed all the areas that were incorrect. Luckily my grandmother asked Mike to email us with this quote that we went over together and include the monthly payment and first time payment amount. He emailed us, the amount to be taken out of my account was $234.76. About 2 days later I see that my account has been charged for $314.21. I called Mike and he couldn't seem to give us any solid answers of why he charged me so much. I asked to speak to a manager. And it's him! He owns the business, which is very sad...because when something like this happens you want answers, and when the manager/owner cannot answer these questions, there's a serious problem. SO i continue to ask him, if the amount to be paid was $234.76 then why was I charged so much more? First he says the insurance was $258.00 not $234.76...but I had it right there in writing what we discussed and printed out for our records. He continued to act as if we were miss calculating. Then he said we called a million times and he has been so nice to us (this guy is supposed to be there to answer questions right?)...I said OKAY Mike, even if it was $258.00 (which it wasn't) then what was the other $57 charged. He then tells me he filed an SR22 form on me, which at the time I did not know what that was. He said that because I was in a car accident the year before and I had a point on my license,  that I was a high risk driver. Well, I didn't know for sure if this was true since I had never heard of such a I called another insurance company (Progressive) and the agent told me that in order to have a SR22 form you would have needed to have your license suspense from a DUI or have been pulled over or been in an accident with no insurance. Neither has ever happened to me. Never had any tickets, DUIs or had a car that wasn't fully covered. The last car I owned was financed from a dealership so it needed to be fully covered, then I was in a head on collision so I totaled it and for medical reasons (concussion) I couldn't drive for awhile and received a point for the accident. But not for a DUI or no insurance...JUST TO BE EXTRA SURE, I called the DMV, she informed that I DID NOT NEED such a form, and if I did that the DMV would notify me by mail. I called Mike back and explained all this information i had just absorbed, he replied by saying "Well sounds like you're happy with this other insurance company so you should go with them"...Well, yes Mike...I will...but I'm still wondering what all that extra money that was charged to my account is for? He said the SR22 form is $25, but that any where else it is $200-$300 to file. BUT I DON'T NEED TO FILE why did he do this without my consent? No answers. Then I asked that still leaves about $38 bucks that is not accounted for that I was answers. He then hung up on me and refused to pick up my calls because I was "so upset"...Wouldn't you be upset? Anyway, I had my grandmother call Mike back and ask Mike if he will email the fees he charged us for and also email the reason he filed an SR22 form...he refused to do both saying I was "upset and rude" to him so he will not email anything over. It's my information, I am paying to have this insurance, but he cannot email me the fees and charges...? Not professional, not honest, not right. I cancel the policy that day. Next morning I find out he charged me TWICE! I was overdrawn by $123.00. I called my bank and filed a claim against it and the pending amount was reversed to my account and the second charge will be reversed in 2 to 3 business days. JESUS. I will never be with Farmers Insurance again simply because of Mike. If you can't be honest about fees and charges or do things legally (like ask consent to be filing forms you shouldn't be filing for $$) THEN don't be an agent, because it looks terrible on the company itself. I sure hope this doesn't happen to anyone else...i suggest another insurance company...or at least not the one in Corona. 

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Feb 23, 2016
Unprofessional Poor Service
Anonymous Policyholder

Poor service! I had a theft and was trying to find out if they would cover it at all. Turns out their hotline (probably in India) is not able to answer simple questions concerning your policy and require you to talk to a claims specialist just to find out if something is covered. So I talked to a claims specialist who confirmed me that my type of theft was not covered - as I almost expected, so no problem with that. Now it turns out they treat this simple information inquiry as "claim" and post it to the external insurance information exchange as if I had a claim? I find this practice unbelievable. I find out about this 2 years later when quoting new insurance rates with a different company that states now I had a claim in the past even though I never went through with it! Talking to the claims specialist who recorded my case he refused to remove this $0 claim from the public information service.

Beside that they’ve had great signup rates to lure you into business with Farmers you will be jacked up every year more than the normal rate till you reach average rates and above like others would charge you from the beginning. I think this is very dishonest business practice.

I’ve dropped my auto policy with them already and now follows he homeowner’s policy because their rates on both have gone way beyond their big name competition.

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Feb 17, 2016
Worst insurance!!!
Anonymous Policyholder

Stay away from farmers they will steal your money. I was with them for years and they started overcharging me so much for moving 15 minutes away so I switched and pay half of what they were charging me. Stay away from farmers!

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Sep 23, 2015
Great service!
Anonymous Policyholder

I have had Farmers thru 2 agents-since my first retired, and he was a fine agent.  Mike A***, my agent now, has been nothing if not supportive, friendly & helpful.  I've been thru wrecks and personal problems and he takes care of me quickly & fairly.  Wouldn't go anywhere else even if they were cheaper.

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Jan 16, 2015
Anonymous Policyholder

I love farmers!!! Customer service is awesome although I think it depends on who your agent is.  Always willing to talk and answer all my questions, open late a few days a week so if I dont have time to call or make it in on lunch I can go after work...Honestly could not be happier.  

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Jan 14, 2015
I'm Insured with Farmers
QT254U Policyholder

I Haven't Had Any Problems with this Insurance, Except when it comes to seperating My Bill from My dads, they have No Way of Helping, So I Pay My Dad Whatever I Can, if they Would Just Give Me An Estimate of My Bill, Maybe I would Pay my Dad what I Should Be Paying. Oh, Well, Until Then.

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