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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

May 06, 2017
This is the worst insurance company
DeusVelos Policyholder

Esurance has the most incompetent staff I have ever dealt with. I have explained that my car sits in a driveway while I drive a truck over the road. They raised my rate from 100.00 to 249.00 a month because after sending paperwork twice they still believe that my parked vehicle is being used fir business. I am cancelling soon and disputing the charges along with filing a grievance with the courts and having my attorney serve them the necrsssry documentation that relieves me of there absolute idiocy. These people are criminals and Allstate should be ashamed that they are allowed to exist

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Apr 11, 2017
No problems
Anonymous Policyholder

I've had ESURANCE for about a year and half now and I haven't had any problems. Granted, I haven't had any claims. The only thing we've had is our windshield cracked twice (a rock broke it both times) but that was a easy process as the insurance covered the whole of it. I like ESURANCE because it's easy and I can do everything online. I've called customer service a few times with coverage questions and they've always been very, very helpful. To be honest I was really suprised at all these negative reviews on Credit Karma! I would recommend them and DO recommend them to close friends and family. Insurance claims can be a hassle regardless of your insurance carrier, so I think the trick is to just be patient and understand that a lot of it is beyond your control. 

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Feb 15, 2017
They are a nighmare
Anonymous Policyholder

Their prices are low to start then, they raise them and keep raising them, they just suck all together - I had so many issues with them, too many to list here, they say one thing and do something different, they all are full of crap, and they are all do not seem to know what they are doing. 

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Feb 04, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

The first year with Esurance was fine. I elected for automatic debit for the bills. When it was time to renew I got a letter stated that my rates were dropping. Awesome right. When I checked my card statement Esurance charged me twice the amount. So I log on to Esurance and there's a new letter showing that my rates have now significantly increased. It turns out that they missed charging me a for a few months the previous year due to a glitch in their system and they were now trying to recoup the money. Thing is I have a fixed income and could not afford double payment for a year. So I called them up and cancelled my policy. I asked the rep to cancel it at the end of the current months billing cycle which she did. About a week later I got a bill stating that I owe Esurance $74!! I called well before the next cycle and I was not informed of this. It is ridiculous that I had to pay more when I cancelled the service. 

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Jan 24, 2017
Esurance, Insurance for the Third World
LG87 Policyholder

It is great to own Esurance, it is affordable. Like your life insurance, dont ever plan on using it. I am in the claims process on my new car I bought three months ago. Esurance wants to total my car because the side airbag deployed in a hit and run accident I had two weeks ago. My car drives as perfect as it did before, there is a dent on the side quarter panel. The car looks as perfect as the day I bought it minus the dent. Esurance wants to give me 75 percent of what I paid for my car just three months ago!! Esurance states the damage is 73% of the value (which they wont document and provide to me) of the car per one mechanic's estimate. I live in NYS and the threshold for a total vehicle to be deemed total is 75%. Esurance refuse to allow me to get a second estimate even though another mechanic (their mechanic that they initially sent me to for pictures before the coverage) state they can repair for way less than the first estimate. Esurance is behaving very aggressively not like when I gave them my credit card number, the relationship is now adversarial. I asked the agent why cant I get a second opinion, he state the car is already deemed a total. I explained that their preferred mechanic absolutely does not think the car is a totaled. Esurance is insisting on totaling my car and not allowing me to get a second opinion and I cant understand why. They are nothing like they advertise themselves to me. 

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Jan 06, 2017
Biggest waste of money!
KIRBYKAGE Policyholder

They do not know to handle their billing. One time they pulled the money out about a week and a half early which made our rent check bounce. Then while we had auto pay set up they forgot to pay themselves which we only found out because we got hit by someone so we had to call them to use our insurance which conveniently got cancelled because they didn't pull the payment out. Which of course ment we had no coverage and were left to deal with the aftermath of the wreck ourselves. Worst insurance company ever! Expensive plans and unreliable a company!

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Dec 03, 2016
Unethical, overcharging
Anonymous Policyholder

This company has so thoroughly disappointed me. I just bought a new car, and was quoted at $271 dollars a month including my old car which was just liability. This seemed really high to me considering I haven't had any accidents in years, and my last at fault accident was in 2007. I have a four year degree. I am a management professional and have no mortgage or rent. I went to geico and progressive and they quoted me $115 and $150 for lower deductibles and better coverage. I called esurance to find out if they made a mistake or had any explanation and all I received was a smug "you got some great prices, we can help you cancel". So basically you're ok with overcharging your customers dramatically. Your company is unethical and preying on people. FYI veterans, they don't offer any military discount. Take your business elsewhere people.

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Oct 31, 2016
Worst Experience ever
Cikbok Policyholder

They have the worst service ever. I don’t suggest anyone go this place unless you have so much money want to waste. I sign up a 6 month policy for my $9000 Hyundai which cost about $1500, and don’t have any coverage on anything. The bodily injury coverage is $15,000 per person and up to $30,000 per accident. This is the second month, I already paid about $600 . I called them last week about a hit-and-run happened on my car. Someone hit my driver side mirror. In the first call, the customer service told me my policy would cover it. So I made a claim. Then they called me back second day, called me my policy won’t cover it (deductible is $1000), but if I want I can keep the claim ( for what reason? Let them charge me more? )  So I had to close the claim, which left the claim history on my file. I asked them whether they will increase the insurance rate next time because of the claim. They said they don’t know. Apparently , it’s not their business, even though it was their fault. I found a better agent in my area. She is from Allstate where I can have an $1200 insurance covering everything including road assistance. Comprehensive coverage deductible is only $100. I just canceled the esurance plan. The company kept my money and told me only $130 refund can give back to me, which means I spent $470 on their one and a half month auto insurance ID rental service (I think the value of their company is to give you an auto insurance ID which you can show to police. That’s it.)  And it will take them 10 business days to get the money back to me. (Are they mailing it to me? ) 

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Sep 15, 2016
Bait and switch. Do not buy.
RobearB Policyholder

Bait and switch tactics. Got a great rate my first year, and each auto-renewal my rate mysteriously went up. I called to complain after my rate increased 20% over the previous 6 month period. I asked to cancel and was told I would be hit with cancellation fees (what??). So I stuck it out.

I bought a new car and transferred the insurance to the new vehicle and got a quote of ~$2,000/year for the new vehicle.  A month later they went to auto-renew and the cost had gone up 50% to $3,000/year! I'm 35 with a perfect driving record trying to insure a new Honda Civic. That's ridiculous. I called a competitor (Amica) and got a price of $1,200/yr. I promptly cancelled ESurance.

But wait, there's more.

After I called and cancelled ESurance, I got two e-mails: one saying my insurance was cancelled and another one 6 hours later telling me they were going to bill be ~$1000 auto-renewal. So then I had to call AGAIN to cancel it AGAIN. But why did the price go back down? It's clear they're playing with the numbers and just getting what they can out of auto-renewals. 

Shady business practices. STAY AWAY!

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Aug 16, 2016
Bait you to switch to their company
Anonymous Policyholder

Ok, received quote 2 years ago...increased policy by $70 after first year...another increase of $78 for the second year, with LESS coverage. Nothing has changed in our household as 60 y/o drivers. Shopping for new company now.

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