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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Oct 04, 2017
TN456 Policyholder

Recieved  a notice in the mail geared toward me (retired) with a gauranteed lock in rate and I'm a happy camper. Money comes out monthly and amount has never changed. Excellent for retirees. Definitely recommend. Definitely go thru an agent. Got exceptional service.

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Jun 30, 2017
Nightmare Company
Anonymous Policyholder

Stay as far away from this company as possible. I cancelled my last policy with them today. They are the worst insurance company I've ever had! They are lower priced, but find every reason to give you a hard time. They don't return phone calls and play games. I have had to file complaints with the commissioner of insurance in my state, and they said they haven't seen this many problems with any other company as I am having. Claims adjusters work from home and are never available, and they hand your claim to someone else. I can't describe how awful customer service is with them. THEY LACK TOTAL CUSTOMER SERVICE! BEWARE!

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Jun 05, 2017
Terrible customer service!!!!! Stay away
Anonymous Policyholder

They don't call back in a timely manner. They are rude, they give you the run around!!! Do not use this company, run far far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have to file a claim, they will do anything to not pay, they leave you with many questions unanswered, if you call for any reason expect to be transferred at least 3-4 times before someone gives you yet another number to call so you can then reach a voice recording. Mpst I have spoken with are quite rude, namely maggie polliti, adjuster for the mechanicsburg, pa branch who informed me that she was only "helping out" the harrisonburg, va branch!!!!!!!!!!! completely horrible experience with this company! highly do not recommend, avoid at all costs.  

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Apr 29, 2017
Stay AWAY!
koniczynka252 Policyholder

March 15 I had a car accident – I was not at fault. 2 cars hit me where my car was completely totaled. Because 3 insurance companies are involved in this process, I was informed that I should file a claim with my insurer and Erie would pay me money within a few days. So, I did, and since then I have nothing but problems with Erie! Jeff Cluchey, who is my appraiser on behalf of Erie, has been battling me for the value of my car since the very beginning. He has definitely underestimated the value and does not want to hear any substantive arguments of being wrong. I must say that my car was extremely limited edition, where it is hard to find even a similar make and model. Erie decided to pay me money for a basic model - a lot cheaper than my edition and I cannot agree to it.

By law, if there is no identical car available on the market, then you can take as a mark of price, a written quote from a car dealer. It did not help in any way, shape, or form because I was informed that Erie could not accept it. Several people tried to help me by sending emails on my behalf, to Jeff, to repeat the process again and to change the pricing because it was so offensive to me, with no effective outcome. So, I hired an external company, which deals with help in such cases. It is an independent company (Autoloss), which makes independent valuations. Because I have been working as an independent appraiser, Erie is also obliged to do the same. Autoloss sent an email to Jeff on April 17, requesting the employment of an independent appraiser. To date, Autoloss has not received any information regarding this request. Yesterday I spoke by telephone with Jeff, who opon my question about the appraiser, told me that "they hired today". Neither I nor Autoloss have any information on this matter to date. I must say that the conversation with the manager also did not get very far because he sustained the status of his subordinate. Besides, I asked to look at a very similar car to mine, except that it is one year newer and has an automatic gearbox.

Jeff in one phone call with me said he called the dealer and they do not have that car so it cannot be taken into account. When I talked with Jeff the other day, he said that if I had found a car like mine, it could be the best indicator of the price, since you can deduct one year of depreciation and get the most out of my car. Strange coincidence, when yesterday I went to the dealer I pointed this out and it turns out that the car is still there. It comes down to the fact that Jeff is trying all the time to delay the process of paying my money and that he is basically a liar!

Anyone who has insurance with Erie should seriously consider whether it is worth it, because in the event of an accident their customer service has sucked and they do not want to pay a fair price for this vehicle. In addition, Erie does not deny that because the case is not closed and we have not reached an agreement on the value of the vehicle, Erie also does not feel obliged to provide me with a replacement car. Regardless of the circumstances, they cover only 2 weeks for renting a car.

In conclusion, after countless phone calls and emails that were left unanswered, after the intervention of many people who wanted to help me, after a month and a half Erie did nothing to reach me for a settlement. I have paid for this insurance for many years, never using it. Now that I've found myself in need, not my fault, I can get back to what I need. Please share this warning with family and friends to avoid unpleasant disappointments. Also, please also contact me if you know of anyone who can assist or advise.

Thanks, Renata

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May 31, 2017

Stay away from Erie!!!!!!!!

Jan 24, 2017
Complete crappy service
audiotech11 Policyholder

They claim they gurantee replacement but thats complete and total crap! I bought a house through an FHA loan and with in 4 weeks we had a storm come through and the roof has a bunch of shingles damaged and i have interior damage from the storm. I have had Erie insurance for over 18yrs and never a claim until this one. Now going on 8 moths with zero help from Erie! Finally filed a complaint with the dept of ins. you can bet as soon as this is over they are out of my life forever!

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Nov 22, 2016
Bad experience, stay away
Anonymous Policyholder

Just untrusted, deshonest, very disappointed

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