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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Aug 24, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

I was in an accident and the other driver was at fault it took them almost a month before I could get my vehicle repaired and they will NEVER CALL YOU, you have to call everyday to get the information on your claim and please remember even if you're not at fault for the accident you will still have to pay 30% for the damages and 30% for the rental if you need one because they only pay 70% I'm calling them to give them a peice of my mind and cancel my policy 

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Aug 10, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

worst insurance company ever

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May 05, 2016
Worst Company Ever
AdriensImp Policyholder

I have called these monsters 5 times today for a request they must get a million times a year. Trying to register my car in Georgia. They require that my policy either be in the Georgia database or that Direct fax over a BINDER (every insurance company should know what this is) with an effective date of the last 30 days.

The first lady said she did it - sent a copy of my policy. Not what I asked for.

The second lady said she did it - sent over a copy of my insurance card. Not what I asked for.

The third lady I didn't even want to talk to. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Of course, I couldn't w/out explaining everything. Never got to speak with a supervisor. Got put on hold for 15 minutes. After that, I was told my information had been uploaded to the GA site. I asked what site. The lady goes "To Georgia, ma'am." ****ing thanks, lady. While she was on the phone I told her that I had checked the site and it still wasn't uploaded. She goes "Well you're not the DMV." No ****, Sherlock. I can see what is on the DMV website. Because....that's a thing in 2016. In the age of bloody ****ing information.

I have since hung up with them and started looking for other insurance. We'll see what I find. 

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Mar 02, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

I put in a claim, they paid it. A few months later I canceled my policy due to being sent over seas to work and I no longer needed a vehicle. Then almost a year later they pulled the check out of my account, leaving me completely broke! They sent no notice or letter telling me there was an issue or that they were going to pull this money out. They may have cheap rates but they are a horrible company!!!! I will never reccommend them, not even to an enemy

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Jan 05, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

This inaurance company is the worst. I recently got hit and the person that hit me left. When i called the insurance company they would ignore my calls and would not fix my car.DO NOT GET DIRECT AUTO ! They never pay full coverage and you will be left with a huge bill.

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Dec 07, 2015
Worse Insurance Anyone can have
Anonymous Policyholder

I recently, just started with them about a month ago. They already are canceling my policy, due to supposedly at fault accidents. I called the dept of Homeland Security to verify with them if I had any and they stated no. I called once again Direct spoke to multiple reps and every single time the story changed. The last person I spoke to states that they are actually canceling my policy due to NOT AT fault accidents that THEY ARE at " high risk" having me with there company. Therefore since I'm a safe driver, but have been hit in multiple occasions they don't want to take care of anything, or even be involved. So if you want a insurance company that does not or will not protect you at the time of an accident. You came to the right place, because clearly THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!

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Nov 14, 2015
Anonymous Policyholder


February 19, 2015, 6 pm, Rolling Meadows. I was stopped at  aread light on a major intersection. Algonquin and Golf. This idiot rear-ends me and crushed my rear bumper. He failed to stop because he was driving on a torn rear tire, litteraly on the metal rim while sparks were coming out. Comes out and gives me an expired temporary insurance card and a state ID, NOT a driver's licence. He is 17!!! Says he was coming from school and was in a hurry to see his girlfriend and the new born!!!! Good thing I called the Rolling Meadows Police. When the officer came I gave him the documents the guy gave me and the Officer shaked his head saying that's not a DL. The kid then says oh here is my new insurance card, that one was the old card....Police Office issued him 3 violation tickets and arrested him and imponded his car. I called the insurance and the agent said I must call before 5pm. I called next morning and filed a claim with Direct Auto Insurance Company. The assured me the claim is filed and asked for my docuemtns. They mailed me a form to fill out. On the form they stated that all accidents will be paid out based on the percentage of fault assigned to their insured. I mailed all documents and pictures and responded that in this case their insured has 100% fault for failing to stop at a red light and thus rearend-ing a stopped vehicle. They took their sweet time to review. I kept calling them. EVENTUALLY, THE RUDE AND ILLITERATE AGENT ON THE PHONE, FATIMA, STATED THEY WILL NOT PAY THE CLAIM BECAUSE THEIR INSURED, JULIO GOMEZ, DID NOT REPORT THE ACCIDENT TO THEM WITHIN 30 DAYS, REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT I REPORTED THAT TO THEM AND PROVIDED A POLICE REPORT. The most rediculous denial. I made the insured go to their office to give them whatever statement they need. They took written statement from him of the accident and still said the calim is denied! They never sent me denial in the mail, nothing written! The insured then says, since his insurance does not want to pay then he will not pay either. That seems to be a very convenient loop hole. Hit others, cause accidents and damages, don't report to your insurance and you never have to pay a dime for being reckless and irresponsible on the road.DIRECT AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY IS A SCAM, THAT HAS FOUND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY BY ISSUING USELESS INSURANCE CARDS FOR POLICIES THAT COVER 0 DAMAGES, AND THUS THEY PAY $0 ON CLAIMS!


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Nov 13, 2015
Anonymous Policyholder

I was in a car wreck they don't want to pay off your car.Only half leaving you with a bill.

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Dec 12, 2015

This happened to me with another insurance company. I learned to get GAP insurance because they will pay off the loan if you owe more than the car is worth.

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