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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Sep 22, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

Nothing done in a timely manner. Computer issues they didn't apologize for.

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Aug 13, 2017
Dishonest? Or incompetent?
CanteenP Policyholder

My first issue is when signing up my agent told me that since I didn't have a credit history my rate would be the higher rate for a few months until they had established that I made reliable payments, at which point he would lower it for me. This never happened, and when I called to check in, I was assigned a new agent who told me that wasn't possible. 

Eventually, I found a MUCH cheaper rate through another provider and switched to them last month. I called and canceled my policy with Country. They confirmed this and told me a check with my balance would be mailed within a few days. I never received the check and in fact was billed AGAIN the following month. Messages left with my agent were not responded to. I called customer service and they had on record that I had canceled, but the local agent did not process it. They back-cancelled the policy again and my request for an e-mail confirmation was a process that took 20 minutes over the phone.

Hopefully my policy will be canceled this time, and hopefully I will receive my refund, however, my faith in this company is EXTREMELY low. Best to stay away and do business with a company that does not have such a dishonest, scammy attitude.

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Feb 13, 2017
Very happy with all my insurance
Darkman55901 Policyholder

Been a client for 12 years . Very happy

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Feb 03, 2017
Auto (4 vehicles 3 drivers) and home
Anonymous Policyholder

Had multiple coverage policy with Country for over 15 years. Felt coverage was costing too much. Switched Insurance to State Farm saved $400 per year. I did not call Co. Financial just let policy expire. They turned me over to a collections company as they contend they were extending my coverage waiting for payment. Wonder how that would end up if I had a claim? Took several days and phone calls and emails to clear up. My main regret is staying with them so long. 

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Dec 09, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

Way over priced insurance, every year it continullay went up for no reason. No accidents, no claims.

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