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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

May 20, 2017
They're only out to make money off you.
Anonymous Policyholder

California Casualty changed my auto policy 4 times without my consent, only notifying me by mail 2 weeks or so after each time they changed it. Of course, they revised my premium up every single time. One of the times, they automatically added a 16-year old male driver to my household without my consent, which basically doubled my monthly payment. Another time, they changed my coverage limits without my consent, which also increased my monthly payment.

DO NOT USE CALIFORNIA CASUALTY. They will try every trick they can to squeeze as much money as possible from you. Luckily, I never had to file a claim with them.

I switched to USAA, and have had ZERO issues. Definitely a learning experience.

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Nov 28, 2016
No agents just low ball estimates
Anonymous Policyholder

This company does not have "real" people do their estimates for accident damage. They require YOU to do all the leg work--take photos, upload to their horrible app, then they low ball through a third party--online--for used parts for their estimate. Beware...they have no personal service...just a bunch of 20 somethings who don't care about you.

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Sep 24, 2016
Home and auto sham!
Anonymous Policyholder

Ive been a customer for 18 years and never once filed a claim. Their customer service has been top notch and their service center personnel awesome. I lauded the company to others who have also gone with calcas. I recently file a claim and have been treated like garbage (yes you Justin and Mark). Never have i been made to feel like this from a company with whom i have had a long term relationship with. I left the last conversation feeling frustrated and borderline accused of looking for a hand out. Attrocious considering these were the only conversations which weren't recorded. Looking for a new company immediately.

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Jul 27, 2016
They're okay.
Anonymous Policyholder

These are the plusses:

The fact that the customer service reps are very friendly and helpful makes it pleasant to deal with them. I've had 2 claims and they took care of both quickly. Both incidents were me tapping the bumper of the person in front of me who slammed on their brakes, and both cases dealt with - literally - a dime-sized abrasion (not even an actual scratch). One bumper was "fixed" (repainted I'm guessing) and cost under $1000, so no mark on my record w/CalCas. The second incident (new prius) the entire bumper was apparently replaced (talk about overkill) which, of course, cost over $1000 to fix (1200-1400 I think), so I did report it and CasCas reacted with a rate hike. 

The Minuses:

What I DIDN'T KNOW was that the "accident" would stay on my record for 3 years, during which time my insurance rate nearly DOUBLED, which is ending up costing me far more than 1200. OMG. They said it's simply state law or something or other, but ALL kinds and severities of accidents cause the SAME RATE HIKE! That's freaking ridiculous. So my rate hike for bumper-tapping is the same for a crazy swerving speeder who totals both cars!? Nuts. I should have paid for that ****ed overpriced bumper out of pocket!

Today I happened to call (as I do 1-2x per year) to review my coverage and see ways to reduce the cost. After 14 years with them, the rep today was the FIRST person to ever ask me if I'm a CTA (CA Teacher's Association) member. Yes, in fact, and that is how I found CasCas, which is what I told them when I first signed up and they asked how I found them. Not only that, they know I'm a teacher because I get a 15% teacher discount. Clearly, they know I live in CA. But for some reason they haven't given me the 30% discount for being a CTA member. Which was why I signed up with them in the first place! Through the years, when I checked that I had a teacher's discount, NO ONE bothered explaining the options. I'm floored. 30% is a lot of money for a single mama with a 22 year old son on policy as well!

Before today, with the 14-year-failure to be transparent and forthcoming re the different teacher discounts, I would have said customer service has been excellent. In every other regard, service and communication has been excellent. This however is a big fat $$ fail as I could have been saving 30 PERCENT for 14 YEARS! That's a lot of friggin' money! 

All insurance companies suck, it's just a matter of degree. I found this Credit Karma insurance review section because...yes, I'm looking for a new insurance company. If they all basically suck, I may as well pay less to have them suck. 

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