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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Nov 13, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

Great Company for all lines of Insurance.  Great rates and excellent customer service.

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Aug 29, 2016
Bate and switch
itsjustme21661 Policyholder

Called for a quote on Aug 9th. Called back on Aug 27th to accept offer and then was told were sorrry but the quote was with home insurance which I never requested. Asked to speak to someone about this. They returned call on 29th and said sorry but 2 years ago you asked about home insurance discount. they would not stand by quote,. Classic bate and switch, Watch your back.

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Aug 14, 2016
Undervalued payout even w no fault
Anonymous Policyholder

I could go through the long, arduous list of problems that I had with Amica but really we all care about the money right? So although they were relatively prompt in communicating with me (probably because they really needed that title to make thousands more than they were paying me on a totaled car), their pay-out left me out-of-pocket about $2,000 to get a comparable car, and I'm truly being generous. My car had only 37k miles on it, was four years old, and had every bell and whistle. They paid out about $14k, which seemed in keeping with the Blue Book value, but as I learned, BB will only get you the listed price from the dealer---the off the lot price is $1,500-$2,000 more with all the taxes, fees, etc. It would have been hard to argue the 'off the lot' price versus what is actually listed, since you'd have to somehow get the dealer to admit in writing that he'll charge drastically more than what he lists online, but believe me, no matter how big of a pain it is, next time I will be doing it. My interaction with Amica disgusted me and from now on, whenever I have an offer from an insurance company, I will go back and back and back until they finally take it to arbitration and THEN I might accept the check. You should do the same. What kills me about the whole thing is that I was not at fault, so it was never out of Amica's pocket anyway and they screwed me for no reason. Just makes you feel sick when you think about how much money you are out for literally no fault, and meanwhile, they just had ANOTHER COMPANY write a check to them for the amount. Sickening.

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Jul 14, 2016
Good reliable experiences with two claim
Anonymous Policyholder

I have had Amica for around 15 years. Two accidents over that time where I was partially at fault - both were handled competently and efficiently - they updated me on what was going on. In one claim, one of the parties got a Dewie, Cheatham, and How law firm to file for injuries. This seemed a bogus claim, but Amica settled it in order to close the case. What could have been a very stressful ordeal was instead handled professionally and well. This is what has kept me loyal with them. They are not the cheapest, and given my accidents I don't have a "good driver" discount. But when there are claims, they do seem to know their stuff, and they proactively take care of business. Minus one star for the towing service - for one of my accidents they were pretty useless in getting a tow truck - this is in CA and the guy was working from the midwest and just couldn't make it happen on a Sunday night. I ended up leaving the vehicle in a parking area till the AM and then just getting the tow myself - was frusterating, so I cancelled the tow service, which was basically useless.

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May 28, 2016
Dropped My Policy For Business Travel
Anonymous Policyholder

I had an Amica homeowner's policy for a year. Toward the end of the year I was looking for a new auto insurer so I went with Amica. Shortly after signing up a new auto policy I was told that Amica would have to cancel my homeowner's policy because I told the agent that I was going to be travelling a lot over the course of the year for business, and they said that if I wasn't in my home for more than 11 months of the year they couldn't insure me. They immediately stopped returning my calls and began to treat me like I'd somehow attempted to deceive them. They refused to offer me any other policies, and overall kept misquoting me back to myself when I called in to ask why I was being refused a policy. Overall I felt really abused by Amica and it was a really terrible experience. I'll never have another policy with them again, and strongly recommend against them for customer service.

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