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Aug 10, 2017
15 years as a client, 1st and last claim
Magichut Policyholder

We had a guy drive through the store my wife was shopping in. Then back out of the store and into our car, he pushed our car about 40 feet, pinning it to a light pole. The whole process was a nightmare because we both had American Family and they kept trying to cut every corner ( rental reimbursement was short) no compensation for the trauma of everything. And the adjuster Julia Armijo, was as rude as it gets. Time to move on. 

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Jun 21, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder

Take your money and cancel your policy with out till you

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May 21, 2017
Terrible company.
Anonymous Policyholder

I have them and im searching for new insurance, due to my Construction company dealing with them on claims im seeing how they really handle the claims and treat their insured as well as drag out paying the contractor for repairs. Recomend if you have any damages to your home to hire your own independant adjuster to handle the claim. People do not understand the adjuster sent out from your insurance is not looking out for your best interest , it is to save the insurance company as much money as they can in your claim.

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May 09, 2017
Almost lost my home.
Anonymous Policyholder

I had American Family for homeowners insurance, there was an incident where a neighbor walked into my home uninvited while intoxicated and got bit by my dog. That neighbor then proceeded to sue me for a very large amount. There was a clause on my policy where if a dog has bitten before AmFam would only pay up to $25k. The person suing me had claimed that an incident where my dog had scratched me during grooming 3 years prior was an attack (In an attempt to make her case look better) and AmFam took her word not mine. My agent would not contact me throughout the whole ordeal and the company even sued me to have the $25k limit enforced! Since this person suing me was looking to make over $100k, I had to use my wedding fund to fight the suit from AmFam. If I would not have won, I would have lost my home and had to file bankruptcy.

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Jan 31, 2017
Business insurance
Anonymous Policyholder

My insurance agent here in Tempe, Arizona new I had two business operating and was charging me a set premium for both business. When I was audited by American Family I wrote down the two business and they came back and told me that they had never known about one of the businesses, even though both showed up on my statement every month. They then sent me a bill for the increase that they calculated for the entire year before.  Now only was I caught completely off guard, having no idea that my insurance was going to double, but I had to payout double for the year before. This seems unethical. I will never use Amrercian Family again.  

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