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Jun 15, 2014
The Rep agent is what makes or breaks
Anonymous Policyholder

  I have been with Allstate ever since I bought my house 12 years ago, and could put both car and house together.  Was with Farmers, but when they threatened to not insure in Texas because of claims, I got out.  I think it is all the agent represetative/owner.  I use the Vogel agency in Sherman Texas and they are the greatest and when we go over my policy and if they can fine a way to lower the price, they do.  You too have to be active and have a good relationship with the agent.  It make all the difference.  We have a great relationship and have always done a great job for my  poicy is $341 for 6 months for full coverage on car and house is $701 for $141,000 on my home.  The Vogel agency is the greatest and so are the people who work there.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 10, 2014
I saved $1,000/yr by switching to GIECO
Lwhitney84 Policyholder

I used Allstate for two years. I had two vehicles with them (both SUVS). I also had a landlord and home policy in addition to the cars. I received the so-called, "multi-policy" discount. I was paying about $1,000/six months, which I figured was fair for two 4x4s with full coverage. I just recently switched to Gieco and the same exactly coverage was only $350/six months! WOW! Good bye Allstate, so long.

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Sep 14, 2016
Overly priced!
Anonymous Policyholder

Allstate will reel you in with lies as Thomas Cunningham the agent did. He was also extremely rude, and disrespectful which is the reason I canceled the policy. Once I canceled the policy they kept most of the refund that I should have received. CROOKS!!! Should have known better, Allstate is not ever BBB accredited.

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Sep 13, 2016
DonnBoyd Policyholder

Allstate has never refused a claim that my wife & I have made. We have been insuring with them for man, many years. Our 2 sons were insured while living at home during school & college with no accidents & claims. He have made 2 claims on home in course of 20+ years and 1 auto claim this year over long period of time. We get rebate checks for no claimes on our insurance every policy period. We have the best agents in the state of Maryland.

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Aug 22, 2016
Absolutely the biggest rip off out there
rgp815 Policyholder


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Jun 08, 2016
Worst ever
Anonymous Policyholder

Never get allstate first your not going to like the every six month rate increase I've went from 488 to 1281 with only one accident which they paid out less than 3500.00 total on it. Your credit score affects your price also so don't switch they will not be having you in any good hands .I was told by allstate that you pay for that little check you get that they advertise on tv. I have a bank account I don't need one of theirs . ALL STATE IS THE WORST EVER INSURANCE COMPANY

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Aug 18, 2016

Agreed, We used them for cars,RV and home. Started out great even with a full coverage brand new car. I was thrilled with the agent and the willingness to answer all questions. After being with them over 2 years I was involved in an accident, the man that T-Boned my new car had No insurance and No driver License, begging me not to call the police, he was speeding, lost and late to a party. My husband was in the passenger seat and hurt, so of course I was dialing 911, it took the police 28 minutes to arrive on scene, by that time he had 10 t0 12 0f his party buddies waiting. I was so worried about my husband and was walked into the middle of the 4 way stop and showed the yield on green sign, I explained that since I had be driving that route for over 15 years and of course I would have yielded if he had not been behind an 18 wheeler and as I started my turn he came out around the 18 wheeler and crashed into me. The officer was taking statements from people that wasn't even around, but never questioned the 18 wheeler driver, even though he pull over and helped with my husband and made the statement that he thought the guy was going to crash into the back of his truck, I don't know but I think he was texting trying to find his way to that party. Well with all his witnesses and him being so responsible with the license and insurance, the police officer decided it was my fault. I wanted to go to court and prove this boy had No right on the road. But my great Insurance company Allstate said it would be cheaper just to pay than court, well at renewal time and they jacked my insurance up by 128.00 per month. I figured real quick that it was Allstate that was the one's being insured, and taking care of themselves. Myself found better insurance, more coverage at a lower price and the company that I went with helped me straighten out the mess that Allstate didn't want to bother with at a price of contacting the 18 wheeler driver and having his statement added to the wreck report as my witness.. So for me if the company isn't helping their clients are # 1 then to me they can just pay to insure the employees of the company they are so proud of.....

Apr 28, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

same as having  no insurance

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Apr 08, 2016
Doubled rates with no explanation
onikidaki Policyholder

14 years with Allstate without ever filing a claim then they raised my rates to double with no explanation or contact.

When I canceled the policy at the end of term I was charged $49 for "policy change" ... why raise my rates then charge me for cancelling?

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Apr 08, 2016
Double rates with no explantion
onikidaki Policyholder

14 years with Allstate without ever filing a claim then they raised my rates to double with no explanation or contact.

When I canceled the policy at the end of term I was charged $49 for "policy change" ... why raise my rates then charge me for cancelling?

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Feb 07, 2016
Replaced from 21st Cen Auto Insurance
BobGoudin Policyholder

21st Century dumped me after I was not responsible from another hitting my auto and I was Dumped ! Called and saw Allstate Rep. and switched over both autos and also my Home to all ALLSTATE ! Very Happy with and love service ! Happy to be back after many years ago had Allstate and left !

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Nov 18, 2015
Worst company to do business with
Anonymous Policyholder

I was in an accident with an Allstate insured driver about 3 yrs ago, The driver backed in to my car. Admitted fault and the insurance company Allstate accepted Liability, OK great right (NOT) @ days after they accepted Liability they said too bad so sad we decline liability and are not going to fix your car. OK that was incident one.

A week ago an Allstate Insured changed lanes and side swiped my truck He admitted fault and offered to pay out of pocket I said OK then he did not follow through with his promise so I filed a claim with Allstate they contacted there insured he said that he did change lanes and hit me and again they accepted fault then two days later they changed there mind again. I believe they are treating me this way because of  previous experience's with them.  IF YOU NEED INSURANCE ALLSTATE IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. I WOULD RECOMMEND ANY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY OTHER THAN ALLSTATE. 

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