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Metromile Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Apr 07, 2020
Ttructure is great; the humans are nasty
GoogleRob Policyholder

Rude, condescending, argumentative nightmare customer service experience that lasted for days. The service rep was erroneously titled as an 'advocate' which, if I owned the company, would be very embarrassed to have that low of caliber representation.

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Nov 26, 2019
Good so far but haven't filed claim yet
SugarRayRob Policyholder

Good straight forward auto insurance, easy to sign up and print proof of insurance the same day. Great option when your past insurance company hikes prices for seemingly no reason and you can't talk them lower/ don't want to waste your time. Customer service line was friendly and helpful but made a few typos as far as correcting an error in the spelling of the autoload lienholder's name. Required about 3 emails and 3 phone calls to finally get this straightened out, very strange but maybe that's the San Francisco culture, who knows. Lets see if they can disrupt the old and sluggesh insurance system to a better way to handle business and grow a cult like following with brand loyalty similar to the likes of Tesla and T-Mobile. Or will they let greed set in and return to the old game of price hikes every renewal period, sometimes subtle enough so maybe you won't notice. Others have complained of these price hikes on other review sites but hard to verify, most didn't seem to confirm their idenity, maybe for fear of backlash. I guess only time will tell.

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