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Your site is a rip off....I gave my social security number!!!! You are a scammer!
You took my social security number, but are still demanding other premo identification. I feel I have been scammed!!!!!!

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Asking for info

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Contrary to what people said on here, I just tried to register and it's saying I didn't answer the questions correctly for verification. I believe I know my personal business better than they do and my credit report has no wrong info on it. So I have no idea where Credit Karma gets their info from. With that being said, why is Credit Karma asking for a copy of my passport, birth certificate, SS card, ect to "verify" my identity and how is that going to change the answers to the verification questions????? Sounds scam-ish to me. No thanks

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Credit Karma IS a scam trying to get you to apply for high interest rated credit cards.  All of my personal information and employment information is wrong and the site does not allow me to correct it.  I've payed off all of my credit cards and auto loans off early but this is counted as negative?  Give me a break! It  lists I have 'multiple names' because at times I've had to put my last name 1st followed by a comma and lists 'multiple addresses' even though I've lived in the same home for 20 years because we don't receive mail at our physical address (it is in the country) but have to use a PO Box.  I refuse to apply for any price gouging credit cards that I don't need, so CreditKarma IS nothing but a running scam.  Period.

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NOT a scam!

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How do you expect to obtain, view, and make sense of your credit *without* your Social Security Number? This site has helped me tremendously.  I had absolutely no knowledge of how credit worked until I found this site.  Thanks to this site I have made better decisions regarding my spending and paying bills on time.  This site has single-handedly caused me to become excited about all that I can obtain in the futuret. I had all but given up the idea that I could ever buy a house or a new car, but with this site I know that those are not unobtainable goals. I love being able to see my progress - I look forward to seeing those numbers continue to rise!

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I have been here since 2012 and have nothing but good to say about this site.

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Credit Karma is not a scam

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With an A+ rating with the BBB (also an Accredited Business with the BBB), TRUSTe certification, and 256 bit key encryption... They are providing a high level of security in order to keep your information protected. A scam site wouldn't have any of these ratings.

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Well, it's currently not BBB Certified, and has a rating there of B, but that is still very good.

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@ Vonderfecht

Yeah, it looks like CK got into some government trouble with their android app just after I posted that.

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I have been using credit karma for a long time now and never had a problem, this site has opened my eyes to monitoring my credit and has helped me maintain a good credit score. 

Credit Karma is not a scam! You have been misinformed.

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culeless thought

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I just signed up for this service as of 3 days ago. The information that's provided is so helpful! I've looked at information on one site that has so much detail, it gives you an idea where your at and how to better your credit history. There's so much information here how can you say it's a "rip off"? If your looking for solutions to your credit problems, then you have to step up and give this web site the information they need to help you. Don't provide it, then don't complain.

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This site helps me every month, keeping up to date with my credit information

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Really, how do you figure that

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A scam would be that they said it was free but they ask for a credit card, instead they choose to make their salaries by advertizing
grow up wake up. this site has been very eye opening as to how credit works

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You're an idiot - Go away

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Exactly what the subject says...

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Not a scam

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creditkarma has been a great tool to help restore my credit. How do you expect them to look up your information if they don't ask you for information? Were you asked for money? I knw I haven't since I've been signed up.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

View your scores and reports anytime.


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