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Why the heck did my score drop 48 points in one month with only positive changes to accounts?
My score had been bordering on good/excellent. I just paid off one old (closed) account, and finished paying off a car loan. Also paid off about $7k in other credit card debt. And my transrisk score dropped by 48 points! But my Vantage score shot UP. What would cause this?
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 Hi Sentner,

Your score dropped because you paid off your car loan.  The average length of your credit history includes open loans, and when this was closed, it no longer was included in it, which meant your average account age went down.  You'll see as time goes on that your score will go back up.  Great job on getting rid of the debt!

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This is definitely part of the reason. Also Vantage score has different weights than the traditional model. Vantage values recent accounts and debt load more. I think the combination of those things explain the differences you are seeing. 

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i think there is some problem with the site. i just updated my score and it dropped dramatically, stating that my total accounts have an increase of  $642. there is no such thing!!!! only payments have been made to my credit cards and on time as well.  something is definitely wrong with this site. normally i have no issues with creditkarma, but i think someone needs to check this out.  even the balances on my accounts are the same as they were the last time i checked in about two weeks ago.

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just looked into some things and apparently, i smell a rat.  transunion will no longer sell you a single credit report, only through  a subscription for credit montioring.  am i correct when i say that this site is run by transunion??  so i assume they are gonna throw some crazy dip in a score to pique our curiousity and force us to buy into the scam just to get a copy of our OWN credit report!!!!  what a total rip off.  so shady. wow creditkarma, if that is your scam i am so embarrassed after telling everyone what a great site this is.  shame on you

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Trish, I've had the exact same thing happen the last two weeks. I had a 806 that has stayed 806 for over a year now. Suddenly, for no reason, it plummets to 749, a 57 point drop. I've paid in November and December exactly like I've always done, paid the entire balance on my VISA, and paid a big chunk of principle off my home equity account. No borrowing, no lates, something is terribly wrong here...

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same here. Now I see people plugging score navigator. tried it. my score there (transunion) was different from here and from the report I just pulled. Both creditkarma and score navigator use or are run by transunion. Coincidence that nothing matches within 2 days of each other??

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I am very, very confused. I have four credit cards I've been trying to work on... got a big project at work and made enough to pay two of them down to a zero balance. I never CLOSED them; I want them open showing available credit but not being utilized.

My score on here dropped by 23 points!!!! I am so confused. My utilization decreased by 15%, which is nice. But why would I get such a score penalty for doing something good?

To reiterate: None of my cards has been closed out. Just a zero balance on two of them now. No other changes with the car loan or anything else I could possibly think of. I've been working really hard bc I want to buy a home...wish I had a better idea of my true score. :(

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You can get a free credit report once a year without having to purchase anything. I think the site is and it gives you all three bureaus.

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