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Why is my creditkarma score so much higher than equifax and transunion?
I'm subscribed to transunion and equifax. Both report lower scores (30 points) than creditkarma. Can anyone tell me why?

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felt duped

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We've used CK since our bankruptcy.  This weekend we went to get a new car.  We went in believing our credit score was 670.  The minimum to get financed at the lot we visited was 640.  Imagine our surpise when they came to us and told us our fico is 602!  That is such a huge point difference.  We wouldn't have applied for a loan if we had known our true score.  It resulted in a hard credit inquiry that dropped our score today 12 points.  We were wondering the same thing as previous people.  Why the difference in fico scores when everything else is so spot on?  They update our credit card balances and car loan balances monthly and are always current, so why not our score?  :-/

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Reason Scores are lower

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Credit Karma is in the business of trying to convince people with low scores to apply for credit risk credit cards.

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CreditKarma touts a "Transunion" score and promotes applications to lenders based on probable approval.  When actual Transunion and other reporting agency scores are significantly lower, the result is credit damaging hard credit checks which result in credit denials, or approvals of new cards with tiny balances, issufficient to make meaningful balance transfers, the issuance of said, further decreas your actual credit score.  I find these inacuracies and subsequent credit damaging marketing disappointing.

Why indeed is my Creditcarma Transunion score higher than my actual Transunion score?!  Marketing ploy?

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Me too!

On Credit Karma my Transunion score is 714 while on my actual Transunion report it's 594! A difference of 120 points!

On Credit Karma my Equifax score is 693 while on my actual Equifax treport it's 614! A difference of 79 points!

What gives?

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Oddly my Transunion score is 100 points higher than creditkarma reports.  I now believe this is some tye of marketing ploy to get you to accept offers to "help" your credit which is garbage as well.  I now have 0 faith in this site.  A paid service is the way to go.

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Different scoring algorithms. It's very common to see that kind of difference. Nearly all the online scores we can get are only estimates of our real FICO scores -- just guidelines for our use.

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What crap.  

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Way off

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My Equifax score is 699.  My CreditKarma "Equifax" score is 816.  These are vastly different between barely average and excellent.  Although I will admit the Equifax score I purchased doesn't make a lot of sense to me.  It "rates" me on different aspects of my credit file, with four categories showing excellent, one category showing good, and one category (lenght of credit history) as fair.  But when it all rolls up into a score, they rate me a good.  How do I have four in the excellent category and end up with a good score.

When you look at my report, I scored excellent in payment  history, balances to credit limits, mix of credit.  These three carry the most weight, and the one fair category carries the least weight.  Just don't understand how Equifax arrived at "good."

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