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Why is my credit score not going up?
My credit score is 736.I paid $8500 off my credit card the last 6 months. But my score
stays the same. And I owe no one. Why is my score not going up?

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What am I missing?

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My credit is not going up either

I've been working on my credit for about 2.5 years but really have not seen a jump in my score in well over a year. I have 100% payment history. 1 secure card for 2.5 years, 1 capital one credit card for 9 months with an increase in credit line (DOUBLE), 1 autoloan for more than 6 months, 2 student loans well before i started working on my credit and recently i was approved for another credit card with a 13k credit line.  I have maintained a 10-20% credit utilization for well over 1.5 years before than it was 35-50%.  

I have only seen a jump in the first 6 months, using the secured credit card to help rebuild. It was a nice jump from 560 to 641. Then I went for the capital one card but didn't see a single increase in my score. Eventually my capital one credit line increased by double. Still not a single point. Then I got an auto loan. Going on my 7th payment, still no change in score. I know my new credit card will take some time to really effect my score so I'm not counting on that just yet.

It has been stuck at 641 for 18 months now. Nothing has changed. What am I missing here?  

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It could be something on your credit report that's in delinquent that is holding you back. Check for report and maybe this could help you solve your issue.

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Do you check all reports annually?

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If you have not checked your credit reports in the past year, go to and get all 3 reports.  Look them over very carefully and file disputes on any errors that may be there (such as accounts that are not yours) with the credit bureau reporting same.  They then have to investigate and either verify or delete the items.  This annual checkup can improve your score by a few points.

Go to the credit simulator program and see what activities may improve your credit score, which does not solely depend on having paid accounts off.  I consolidated my credit cards and my score went up significantly, but it has remained at the same level for several months.  Not as big problem to me because it is "good" credit.  Once the accounts age a bit, that will improve my score more, but that will take time and I have the time.

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Remember, a lender isn't only going to consider your FICO when assessing credit worthiness and interest rates. Your score is strong and in the event of purchasing a home, etc, the lender will (or should) look at your entire financial picture, not just your score. So it's important to have no debt, have money in the bank, etc.

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not free for your score

That mentioned above website does not give you yoyr score, you have to pay so it nor free.

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i am stock on 630 why my score not going up all my payment it is on time  what i missing some or what ? if somebody have the answer let  me know 

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I'm in the same boat with my credit score. Unfortunately it's a little  lower at 611. I can't think of why it's not going up. It was low because  of unpaid credit card balances. But now they are all paid off and have been for months. I was advised  to pay off all but ten dollars  of  the balance and that this  will  help it go up fast. I keep getting hopeful when I check my credit score because  "surely it has gone up now". But each time it remains the same. I am looking into finding about hard inquiries and seeing if there's anything  I need to report that's  wrong in my score. It would be different  if you still could get ahead without it. But that's the point really. They make it difficult  so when you get the score raised all doors are coming open for you but you got to earn it. Just kinda  when you are doing all you can think of and it's not going up kinda sucks. Does anybody have advice that might help me out?? 

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