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why is credit score giving me the wrong score
my scores from the 3 bureus is 700 you also show that I have 10 open account I only have 7 plus your hard inquires are wrong also. where are you getting your information

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Score Lower

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I use think Credit Karma was good. Then started seeing mistakes on my credit report. I finally went to Transunion and come to find out Credit Karma is not even close with my Credit Score. My score is actually 83 points higer. In fact a day later Transunion raised my credit score and Credit Karma lowered it. Lol. I'm done with Credit Karma. 

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Way off. Not useful if so inaccurate

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My score here put me into a shear panic. It turned out my correct score is 85 points higher. That is a huge gap. Very dissapointed with Credit Karma now.

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Same problem here ... 100 points off!  :(

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C K Incorrect scoring...

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When i went to check out this place previous to signing up, I read that they use what many sites refered to as the 'FACO' Score. You must pay to get the FICO Score. My score is about 100 off as well. In reading opionions from the experts they all said about the same thing...  C K is providing a guestimate at best. At worst, they show a lower score and tons of credit card offers that will "raise" your credit score in order to make money for their partners. The site is not harmfull like many others that charge for the same FACO score. Use it for what it is, A free site offering a free service. you always get what you pay for if you spend the time to do a little research.

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Thank god I'm not the only one

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My credit score is off by at least 40 points, my mothers was off by at least 100 and my poor sister who has been trying to build her credit saw a drop of 20 points.... For no stated reason? Delete!

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Confirmed wrong score

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I almost had a heartattack when I saw my score. It was almost 100 points lower than what I knew it to be last year. I fretted over what could possibly had drove my score down so low. I then went to verify my score with myfico and was able to reaffirm my old score. My score was off by 90 points.

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This site is a fruad. It spits out any number without pulling info.

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This score isnt even close and is over 40 points higher than all three reports. I could understand some difference but 40 points??? What is the point?

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I got wrong score too,

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looks they can get some bank info (but not all) based on you SSN info and estimate the score by themselves, sometimes, they can get similar but not accurate credit score of yours.

shouldn't trust them since the core is really not correct, it caused me spent $900 more,  during the recent purchase which can be avoid if I got accurate score report.

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I just heard about this site from Clark Howard and signed up to see it.  CK reports my score as 80 points less than my score was in July, when I pulled my score and reports from all 3 agences.  I know my score on here is wrong because all 3 reports were within 5 points of eachother from my July pull from a paid monitoring program i was using.  I havent had any negatives since then, so there is no way it truly dropped.   I do like the tools and other info on the site though.

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My score is actually 86 points higher than CK. It is not even in the ball park, with any of the credit reporting agencies. The difference between the 3 credit agencies was 8 points.

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