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Why doesn't my credit score go up?
Why doesn't my credit score go up? I have a car loan, and six credit cards. Four of them I got in January and then the credit score went down from 691 to 622. It slowly went up to 662 but after that nothing has happened for three months. I have always paid card debts off every month. No late payments. 5 hard credit inquiries. Age of my credit history is short though since I just moved to the US, 8 months. Seems like it should go up month by month since I have no negatives, except short credit age and some credit inquiries.
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That's normal!
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Building credit is not an overnight process. Most people are not as lucky as you are to start with four credit cards approved. Just keep up the good work, your report will have 4 new on time payments every month that will sooner or later increase your score. As I always recommend to others, focus on your credit report, not your credit score!

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been paying my credit cards in full....all the time...24/7  and its been 635 for like 2 years...wTF!>?

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