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Why did my credit score have gone from "good" to "poor" in only a few months?!
My score was 732 in June and has gone down to 628 since then. I've been making all the minimum payments, although Credit Karma's saying my percent of on time payments went down from 99% to 98% since I last checked it in June. Also, my "Open Credit Card Utilization" went up 23% since June. Is this really enough to go from having good credit to poor? I'm scared! I'm a college student trying to build good credit.
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Your missed payments are the biggest problem. 98% is good in school but not for ontime payments. 

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i think you just answered your own question, your missed payements really stung you, and your utilization didnt help either.  

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hard inquires or  late payments cause  credit scores to be lowered just a month i had a credit score of 800 and now im down to 735

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