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Who is SageStream and why is my score so low?!
I was recently denied a credit card, and when the "explanation" came in the mail it advised me that my credit score from SageStream LLC was 426. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX.

Now, I happen to know my credit scores from all three companies, and it is just above 800.

Who are these people and should I be concerned!? A 426 completely freaks me out.

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SageStream, LLC

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The only way this company is going to be stopped is for people to file a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  SageStream should not be allowed to require personal, protected information in order to get a copy of your consumer credit report.  I WILL NOT send a hard copy of my social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, etc to ANYONE especially a company I have never heard of until today.  There is a 200 point desparity with Sage Stream and other agencies.  Please, if you see this and have had any dealings with them, file a formal complaint..

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I am inquiring with my state's Department of Banking in regards to the legality of what they are doing and I will update when I get a response.

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Sage Stream

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In order for consumers to be their own boss, it requires knowledge, beat them at their own game.
The game in which they are making tons of cash from us, we the people.

The best way to do so is to become better educated. Know who we are dealing with, create a profile of the companies in which ultimately decide our financial fate, good or bad, without actually knowing us.

Because of this we must take action on our own, that is deal only with companies that do not trespass upon our individual privacy.

Therefor after a few hours of research I discovered the following.

Take this information to guide you in your future choices of whom to deal with, or not.

The Confederate Journal 06/11/2018

"Sage Stream" Credit reporting - Owned by and gets information from "ID Analytics" - owned by "LifeLock" provider of Identity theft products - owned by "Symantec Corporation" which also operates "NORTON" provider of computer security softwares.

Basically what should be of concern to people, is the very fact that a company that sells it's product use to users by installing such software on their computer for security purposes, has the ability to use their software to read and analyze your habits, your page visits, your completed purchases, etc.

This information may indeed allow mischief on their part, in order to gain new customers for their LifeLock services. In addition all of this information and data can then be and is most likely given to "ID Analytics" , which ultimately provides this data to a credit reporting agency called Sage Stream, all of the above in which is owned by "Symantec Corporation".

A major Bank issuing around 163 store branded (closed loop) credit cards, Comenity Bank uses Sage Stream, and as it appears they depend on the Sage Stream report 100%, when deciding to issue credit or not.

Comenity operates as a subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems Corporation.

Alliance Data Systems Corporation is a publicly traded provider of loyalty and marketing services, such as private label credit cards, coalition loyalty programs, and direct marketing, derived from the capture and analysis of transaction-rich data.

Alliance Data Corporation was created by a merger between J.C. Penny's credit card processing unit, and The Limited's credit card bank operation, named World Bank Financial Network.

Alliance also owns Epsilon which purchased Aspen Marketing services (Provides automotive advertising services).

Epsilon also owns Hyper Marketing, which has subsideries of Catapult Integrated Services, LLC, Haggin Marketing, Inc.

Catapult is a conversion marketing agency, where branding and buying are part of a total solution.

Haggin Marketing, Inc. Was rebranded as SolutionSet, under SolutionSet they purchased, from Croft & Bender.

Under the Haggin Marketing, Inc. they have subsidiaries of I-Centrix, LLC, Coupons Inc., and the Chicago Catalog Group.

I-Centrix provides names and addresses to catalog companies.

Chicago Catalog Group, produces consumer and business to business catalogs for print and web.

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Enter Your Reply Just filed a complaint against Sagestream with FTC hope it will help, there score was why off i had had a freeze on them only worked for a while there was no why to contact anyone there that's fishy in it's self, and i had found anouther one thats reporting to, I only want credit karma,and there 3 credit bureau's handling my information thatswhere i keep track of it. we are just not safe.

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I'm having the same issue as what other people posted. Bought a new car and have had it for over a month now. Just got a letter in the mail stating I was denied finance through Ally bank despite my finance being with someone else entirely. On the denial it has my Sagestream score as 567 when all other agencies have my credit at 760+

More alarmingly it says the reason for a low Sagestream score is 'Length of time since most recent delinquency too short' / 'Too many delinquencies' / 'Number of accounts with delinquency'. I have ZERO delinquencies and have never had a single delinquency in my life. So I am not sure where on earth they are pulling this information from. 

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Yes, me too, bought a car, got a letter from Ally, I have no delinquencies yet it says I do. Its funny because the first company credit score was 750+, Sagestream, 497!!! Really! They chose not to finance not to finance my vehicle but sold me an extended warranty for $2500.

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This company has never been used for a credit score.  Please stop this cmpany from causing credit problems.

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Low score with SageStream!

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I recently went to purchase a new car. I was approved by a few banks, but we couldn't make a deal on my trade-in so I walked away. Today, I received a letter from Ally Financial telling they didn't approve my loan... odd? My Experian score is 741, but my Dage score is only 427 out of a possible 999. WTF? They don't have online service available you must snail-mail them a letter and several forms of ID. I don't trust these people and I'm not sending them anything. 

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I find this very interesting.  On May 5th I bought a new vehicle.  My trade in was financed by Ally.  The other day I recevied a denial letter from Ally.  My TU was 699, my FICO was 716.  SageStream?  529.  Are you freaking kidding me?  After seeing these comments, I am moving forward with my formal complaint.

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I just received a letter from sage stream sayin my credit was denied from sprint.  First I never applied to sprint for anything. Second the proprietary credit they gave me was 1502. But the say the credit score ranges from 1 - 999. The main reason for denying my credit is " Unable to Verify Identity 

My thought is Sage Stream is a spam company trying to get your information to use steal your identity 

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probably from Russia!!! Never heard about them b4 either!! Your Reply

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Denied because of my phone

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I have no idea what this company is but I have good credit and they gave me a 406 out or 999? Oh and the reason for not letting me get an Utla mackup credit card......

*Inquiries did not adversely affect the score

*Type of phone

Yes! It said I was denied for the reason "Type of phone"! What does that even mean?!

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Got by Sagestream also

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So... I'm not alone wondering where the hell this random so-called credit bureau dropped from.  Apparently, Ally Bank uses them and they stated I'm at a 530 out of 999 for a recent auto loan.  Roughly a few hundred under my Transunion.  

So how do I report a complaint?   Better Business Bureau?   

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Mee Too

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Same as you - Have a better than 426 score with TransU (way beter), but this SageStream I've never even heard of only the top three (TransU, Equifax and Experian) who is this company? Any one else ever heard of them?

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I came across this as well recently and looking into it has only risen more questions of when, who has been notified of this new "credit bureau", how did they come about? I got the who is reporting and that's annoying because "what if?" starts being asked such as, what if I chewed them out for their mistake and got a discount out of it, how is that to be reported?

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