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Whats the best way to raise credit score after discharged bankruptcy
Have a discharged bankruptcy June 2010. Looking for best ways to boost credit score quickly?
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I raised mine this way....

review your credit report and be sure all the accounts that were covered under bankruptcy say "included in Bankruptcy" we found over half our creditors never reported that it was covered so it looked like we had debts that were not covered. After that was fixed it went up.....

Then Dispute everything, even if it is your debt it is up to the credit company to repond to any dispute withing so many days, often the companies closed, changed names, or took poor records. If they cannot submit proof in a timly manner the credit reporting agencies have to delete it. Over half of the debts that were covered by bankruptcy came off ours because the comapanies figure since it was covered by bankruptcy why bother responding.

We filed 5/09 and discharged 9/09 right now the only negative on our reports are bankruptcy itself, everything else is 100% positive due to my wife disputing over and over to the point the companies said screw it, its not worth the employee hours to try to keep a thing on their report that we can never collect on....

Good luck

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Mine was discharged in June, I have since raised my score by ~70 points. I got a $300 limit card from orchard bank and only use it to charge a small amount and pay it off after it shows up on my credit report (maybe $30/month) just to show credit card utilization. I also payed off my two smallest student loans. I have found that opening the credit card account helped the most.  Just be cautious of how much you spend and keep your payments on time.  I am finding out that my bankruptcy was the best thing that ever happened to me because it helped me to learn how to become credit savy. Good Luck!

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 This is VERY helpful!  Thank you!!!!!

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