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What to do if Verizon cannot find info posted on credit report?
Greetings Community!
This is my first post so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong forum.
I have a Verizon charge off on one of my credit reports from 2013. About a year ago, I called Verizon (home not cell) and talked with the credit reporting division and they said the $1,415 charge off is most likely due to DVR boxes not returned, but she could not find any information in her system about the credit item. She said just go to the UPS store and say that they need to be returned to Verizon and they will have an account to mail them to. So going through all my storage, I found all the DVR boxes and returned them to Verizon on 11/2014. I have the tracking numbers and UPS print off's showing that the two boxes I packed the DVR's in were delivered to Verizon. Today, I called Verizon because there has been no change to my credit report and the credit reporting division at Verizon cannot find any information in their systems about me or the account number on my credit report. She search by my SSN, Address that would of been on the account, my name and by the account number on the credit report and she said she is sorry, but she cannot find anything on me whatsoever. The lady at the Verizon credit reporting division said there is nothing she can do for me since I am not showing in their system and she cannot access any account that is mine. I asked her if Verizon does not have anything about me or the entry on the credit report than I am requesting this be deleted from my repot. She said "um, well, I don't know what to tell you".
Now, I understand that this could be a ligit entry, however, since I returned the DVR boxes, I would like the credit report to show this instead of charge off with a balance due, but no one at Verizon can tell me what the actual account entry is for and the amount.
If the credit reporting department at Verizon cannot find any information on me or this account - does anyone have any suggestions that I can take? Would I dispute this with Experian, Transunion, Equifax or send a good will let to Verizon? And if Goodwill, how would I compose that for this scenario?
Thanks in advanced


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A goodwill letter to Verizon will do nothing if they do not have any of your info on file. File disputes directly with the credit bureaus reporting the account, I am not sure what reason to tell you to provide as the reason for the dispute, possibly "account not mine" or if you find a more fitting reason, you could go with it. I would not try to explain your story to the credit bureaus as they will get confused easily. I would recommend an online dispute and check whatever boxes you feel appropriate, Verizon will be unable to verify anything if they truly do not have anything and it should result in a removal from your reports. Good luck with this. If disputing does not work, I would contact Verizon one more time to try to straighten it out, via a letter of your intent to sue them if it is not promptly removed from your reports. If that goes no where, employ an attorney to get to the bottom of it.

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