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What should I do to increase my credit score fast

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I've done it

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Well, My scores were 490TU 507EX and 55EQ as of 1/26/15. I was looking in to getting a VA home loan and was directed to a credit specialist who was able to pull my scores and disect my credit. It wasn't pretty. 

My first plan of attach was to analyze and target the items which had the highest and immediate impact on my score which were recent collections with the highest balances. I paid those off first. Then I paid off the rest one after another. Simultaneously I increased the credit line on my secured credit card to $2000 and got another secured credit card for $500. I make sure that my DTI (debt-to-income ratio) is always around 5%. 

I suggest signing up with some place like because they can do the tedious legwork of sending out requests for removals. Not sure about you but I don't have the time to send out hundreds of letters for hundreds of items on my credit. I let them do that. Don't get me wrong. has helped me a little bit but I mostly use them to clean things up. I have used them since March of 2014 and seen only very minor increases in my score. The most impact on your score will be from on time payments and low DTI coupled with paying off recent collections.

These are my scores which were pulled by my credit advisor as of 4/8/2015:

617TU 545EX and 606EQ

The results speak for themselves. Keep in mind that my scores did not improve until I actively started paying things off which was beginning of March! That's a 100 point swing in a month! It can be done. Just get organized and make your payments.

Good Luck

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     We were fortunate in a sense - after Chap 7 we decided to do the following:


     My son needed to establish credit, since he never had any. He is a stay at home student, and is disabled. I am retired with a steady income, and my wife is employed full time as a nurse.

     So we chose a path to help both he and us (his parents). We started applying for credit cards under his name - starting with Cap One, Discover, and Amex. Subsequently we added a Sears card on there - on all of the cards we placed ourselves as the authorized users. We would charge on the card 40% of each credit limit a month, and pay it all each month (we have never paid interest by doing this).

     In less than 5 months from doing this I was able to secure a $30,000 auto loan, in less than 12 months both my wife and I we given many unsecured cards, and she was able to lease a new vehicle on her own. We have since stopped using our sons cards, he uses them for what he likes to purchase (Music, movies, etc.) and he understands that he pays the bill every month in full. Credit management was what we were teaching him so is not to make the stupid mistakes we did.

     His FICO is close to 800 now, and with 20 months post chap 7 we are closing in on a 700+ FICO. I am over the number needed to buy a new home at the 24 month mark using a VA Guaranty. 

     Again, this is a situation that is rare - but when done responsibly and with specific goals in mind - it’s the most rapid ascension in scoring that I have seen.

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Get inaccuracies removed from your credit report and whatever else you can. Pay down credit card balances to 10% which is excellent. If you cannot pay down to 10% up to 30% is still good but no more than 50%. Ask for increases in your credit cards to help with the utilization, especially if you can't pay down that much. Do not open any new accounts unless you absolutely have to. Requesting an increase usually doesn't affect your credit score. It it can so ask your lenders if it will be a hard or soft pull. Good luck. I recently paid down my cards to 50% and one completely paid off. Got small increases and a large one on care credit from1k to 9k. My scores across the board jumped up 50-80 points. And that didn't include my increases. 

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Hi Papirey,

The truth is that there is no quick fix for credit. It usually takes time to improve your score drastically. I suggest familiarizing yourself with what goes into a credit score and seeing where you can improve. You might want to start by reading this article:

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I notice with my past experience recently and which "FYI"!!!!...., make sure you got extra money to play around with but anywho if you got credit cards and say your blanace was say $700.00+ and if you pay that off on the due date or 2 days before the due date,i notice my points spike HARD now im not sure that also add with my personal loan but your looking at good 50+ points right their...

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Me too

These balances have dropped dramtically for me too, yet the scores trend downward instead of what one might exoect. We've been had. We continue to be had. They  do us dirty and pass their losses onto the people...the people whose business they need. We need to stop dealing with them. Form and utilize co-opreatives and credit unions. Live spare as much as you can, they thrive because of our consumerism. Be an active consumer of information, farm for better rates. Compare rates and shove it under their nose ...if the rate is not competitive, show them comperables and ask why. 

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Well as much as I agree with the things said, I have to disagree as well.  In January 2015, My TU Credit was 632 and EQ was 618, I have 3 credit cards total on my credit.  I have dropped one from $1796 to $540 in a  2 1/2 month timeframe, one from approximately $9500 to now approx. $6400 and one from $3800 to $3300, and tell me why my credit has gone from scores above to 589 each???  I paid things down, some in abundance and it did not go up (even slowly I would have taken) but it decreased by 44 points on one and 29 on the other.... No inquiries since mid 2014 (none), no collections, nothing! The only change, between January and April, is paying credit cards down as quickly as I can to make my monthly obligations easier and to build my credit.. Go figure.

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