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what is the vantage score used for
i have a risk score and a vantage score both are different. which one will be looked at when trying to get a home loan

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The Vantage score isn't used for much, actually. It was developed by the three credit bureaus in an attempt to get away from having to pay FICO for its scoring system, but it's never really caught on. That may change, but as of now, the FICO score reigns supreme.

Be aware that the free scores you get online (and even many that you pay for) aren't the "real" scores the banks get. They may be close to the real ones -- but they may not.

The TransUnion score here at CK is a special score developed to be sold to consumers. Your bank will get a different score from TransUnion.

Bottom line: if you're going to apply for "big" credit -- mortgage, auto loan, etc. -- get your real FICO scores first. These can be gotten only from and (fee services, though MyFico has a 10-day free trial).

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If you go to the CreditKarma FAQ link

You will see the following information

"My score falls in very different national percentiles for the VantageScore and the TransRisk score. Why is that?

The TransRisk score is based on a more classic credit scoring model that primarily weighs payment history, debts, length of credit history, number of recent credit inquiries, and mix of credit usage to calculate your credit score.

The VantageScore is based on the next-generation scoring model developed to help better assess consumers' creditworthiness. The VantageScore model primarily weighs your payment history, credit utilization, outstanding balances, length of credit history, recent credit, and available credit to calculate your credit score.

The difference in these different factors being weighed can lead to large differences in the two credit scores. Additionally, the VantageScore can score a wider range of consumers than TransRisk because it puts more weight on recent credit history rather than age of credit, which will have an impact on the number of scores feeding into the national averages calculation.

Who created the VantageScore and why?

The VantageScore was created in collaboration by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The VantageScore model was created to address three primary issues:

  1. FICO score models tend to be different between each bureau, resulting in slightly different FICO scores from each bureau. There is no consistent scoring methodology.
  2. Older, traditional scoring models tend to weigh credit history heavily, which leaves many consumers unable to receive a credit score because of their lack of credit history, also known as "thin file" status. The VantageScore provides more weight to recent credit history versus length of credit, which allows for consumers with "thin files" to generate a credit score.
  3. Getting a FICO score tends to be expensive, leading to higher costs for banks and consumers to monitor their credit health. The VantageScore, more affordable than FICO, challenges FICO's dominance in the lending industry."

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vantage score

Where can I find my vantage score?

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