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what is the last activity on your credit report. what does it mean
my question is on the credit report it shows the date opened then the last activity, How can the last activity be so recent when i have not payed anything to them or contacted them. Also when does it go off your report? is it 7 years from the last activity? or last day of payment?

I see all kinds of info as to what the correct answer is and it is all conterdicting which one is it and how can i dispute the last activity date on my report. At this rate it will never go off my report if they change the date all the time.
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The last activity can be activity from the bank perspective with the account, such as a charge-off, which doesn't occur until the loan meets certain criteria from a default standpoint.

The 7 years for it falling off the credit report is from the last activity date. The charge-off date is the last 'last activity' date that the bank can show for a defaulted loan.

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