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what is a good credit score?

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The breakdown according to Equifax

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Hi all, I'm new here and new to credit in general. According to Equifax the credit breakdown is:

280 - 559

Us Pop 12%

560 - 659


US Pop 21%

660 - 724


US Pop 18%

725 - 759

Very Good

US Pop 12%

760 - 850


US Pop 37%

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Good Question.  At one time 700 use to be the great score.  Nowadays 800 is.  It is rare to find anyone with 800.  If they have 800 it is because all their debt is paid and all accounts in good standing.  If you have one late payment, your score can dropped dramatically.  However, do everything right and it takes forever to get a good score.  The scales are unbalanced in the favor of lenders, not the consumer.  I suggest pay off balances to avoid interest and also to get better offers on credit that will help make getting a good score easier.

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Credit Score Rating- Fair vs Good credit

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I have a score of 686, and am told it is "Fair". I thought 640-717 was considered good?

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buying a house

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what score is used when you try to buy a home?

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always had excellent credit..3 years ago I was laid off and later treated for an illness which kept me out of work for 2 plus years. I got divorced and had to start my life over with a job making 50% of what I used to make. Subsequently I have accumulated a large amount of debt through 2 personal loans (15K) and credit cards (14K). On top of child support and rent I have a mortgage (250K) still in my name (but my ex-wife pays the mortgage) My current score is about 652 and I think mostly due to maxing out my credit card limits. I often pay the minimum payments because otherwise I wont have enough to live on for food, gas, etc. I recently received a car loan also for a lease.

What is the best way to re-build my credit at this point beside the obvious of paying my balances down? Should I consider Chapter 7?

Input from anyone would be helpful.


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That's my question???

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According this website . . . . 700 is in the green / good area.  Now here are my factors:

Utilization - 27% Good

History - Excellent

Marks - Excellent

Age - Excellent

# Accts - Excellent

Inquiries - Fair

Yet my score is 689 - Fair!!!  If inquiries are lowering my score then something is radically wrong with the weighting factors. 

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Apply for new Amex Blue credit card

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My credit score is 754. I have 2 credit cards with total of 20,000. Looking to apply for a new Amex Blue credit card.. Could someone please tell me how to get good credit limit on the new card or how much will I get. 

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I have a loan that was pd. off in May 2013 and it still shows up on my credit report for transunion. How do I get it off.  Thankyou

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Buying a motorcycle or atv

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How much of a credit score would I need in order to be able to finance one or the other

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Buy house with uneven credit scroes

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My credit score is 625 and my husband's is 760. We want to buy a home. What is the best way to proceed in order to get a loan.


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When you buy a house, you only need to show one credit score, not both. My advice is have the loan in his name, and for you to get a credit card that you pay off every month to raise your credit.

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