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What I need to do to get my credit score up?

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Can't understand why my credit score dropped so quickly. I do have several credit cards,but am paying them on time. 

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Iam working the system

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i started with a low 500 dollar credit card then a few months later i was offerd a 2,000.00 dollar card and my credit did inprove greatly after a year i took out a small personal loan,so iam doing all the things i've been reading about,.hopefully i will be able to secure a moregage in comming months,i will keep you posted.

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Credit report

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Whats on my repot that would get my score up to 700?

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How can I raise my score up.

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Go to Resources, then go to Articles.  There are a couple that you can read that will give you things to do to increase your score.

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Pay off your debt as quickly as possible. The goal is not a high FICO Score. It is being debt free.

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Score up 200 points

It took 2 y,ears to bring my score to an acceptable level.  My experience has been to challenge (through a dispute with the appropriate credit bureau(s) ANY and ALL mistaken information.  If you have been the victim of identity theft, as I was, dispute repeatedly, and use all the information that you have to prove your case.  The bureaus will probably not believe you the 1st or 2nd time, but keep on disputing until someone pays attention.  Get a freeze on your credit, if necessary.  My point is do not give up.  Dispute even the tiniest error-- be persistent.

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Paying off debts but they are not being reported and once i pay them off they reappear as a new debt. 

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none of this is really helpful if all of them were put together then it would make more sense? I have a bad credit score however I have had no CREDIT in twenty years? My report states that I have no credit history it is just bad news? How do I overcome this before I die?

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You'll have start from the ground up. Just like an 18 y.o.  

You Probably have a relationship with a bank. Go in and talk with a branch manager. Explain what you're trying to do, Create a credit rating because you've been living debt free. 

You may have to start with a secured card or one with a low credit limit. Then down the road another card. Then maybe a small loan.  

Educate yourself through forums like this and learn what it means to manage your credit.  You already have the skills. The same principles that you learned to manage to live debt free apply to how you manage your credit. 

Credit cards in particular need to be used as they were intended. A tool so you need not carry cash. Not a way to live beyond your means. 

Great credit comes not from having a lot of money,  it's how you manage it. 

Good luck. 

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What happens when you only have plastic and no cash? Something happens to the system. How are you going to purchase things? Bad idea to be on a no cash type system. 

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