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what does a remark on your credit report that staes disputed by consumer meets FCRA requirements

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Transunion ..smh

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yeah when it says meets FCRA requirements it means the account is legitimate. I'm dealing with transunion myself... I'm just going to keep disputing until they remove the accounts. who is with me?!?! Woo!!

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transunion dispute

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so i was online one day and i saw someone post about how they disputed things on their credit that were in collections/ charge off WITHOUT paying them. i tried to do the same thing and now one of the account says Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements   

what does this mean? transunion says that 2 of 3 investigations are done, estimated investigation end date is 3/23/17 and my credit score rose about 15 points for transunion and 33 for equifax

i have no idea what is going on . do i still have to pay these bills?

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I disputed an account, it came back with FCRA requirements met and my credit score decreased nearly 30 pts. Why would it lower my score? I get that it would remain the same but why would it lower it?

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Basically it means the charge has been verified as being legitimate. It meets Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements which are federal regulations.

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I see these same remarks on a dispute I made but the account is still showing on my credit report? Will they remove it from my report or do I need to call to ask to have it removed?

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Can you explain it in a  more in depth of the definition. Because I still don't understand when it states that on the remarks.

thank you

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Paying old bills helps?

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does paying off old debt help any or not? 

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What does this mean?

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Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements

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I recently was prescreened by Capital One and they did a hard pull. I contacted transunion and they said as long as the creditor agrees and provides some type of statement explaining they made a mistake then they would remove it without asking questions. I check my credit score now and the cap one has this remark "Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements" whats that mean? Does that mean that their inquiry was legitimate?

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I keep getting charged for a power bill in a state i have NEVER resided in! I keep disputing. The credit collectors are relentless and you can never understand them,  but I am not paying a bill I didnt create! How can I resolve this? 

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Put an fraud alert on your credit. You can dispute it as a fraudulent account . Submit proof that you do not live there.

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You are a victim of identity fraud then and need to speak to someone about it.

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How to remove a old debt from report?

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I have an old debt on my report from 2012.   It is in collections.  How do I pay it and make sure that it is removed from the account?  Can I trust the collection agency to take it off of my report once it is paid?

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So unfair

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I was kicked out of my apartment a week before Christmas, They said the housing was for low income families. Keep in mind i was a single mother with a 3 year old and they included the child support i did not receive with my gross income which made me overqualified to live in these apartments. When they gave me my two week notice they said i still had to pay last month rent. I was upset and did not understand why if i wouldnt be there. I didnt pay, in fact i file small claim with the court. To make a long story short, I paid the balance 3 months after leaving and now it is on my credit report. Can i get this remove?

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if you aready paid what it was ask of you. and if you have documents from court that you where not at fault call  your trans, equifax, and experian to get it removed. if they bring it back again. my advices to you is to contact an attorney or creditor repair specialist to help you disputed. use the dispute as creditor agree to remove or you not longer liable.

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Enter Yothey needed a court order to have you removed. But since you left you screwed up.

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