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What bank can I get a legit checking account, with bad credit?
I need a checking account to pay bills but my credit is bad. Help!?
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Have you tried Second Chance Checking

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Having bad credit is usually not a reason for being denied a checking account. More likely, you are going to be rejected for a checking account if you have bad marks on your ChexSystems report.

Here is a link to additional information on why you may have been denied a savings or checking account.

ChexSystems will record infractions related to bank accounts, such as check fraud, unpaid negative balances or excessive withdrawals. The ChexSystems report can be considered the banking equivalent of a credit report.

Some banks may preform a "hard inquiry" on your credit report, but many do not. (You should ask before applying.) Even with bad credit, you may still qualify for a traditional checking account.

If you are denided a traditional checking account at a big bank, you may have better luck at a community bank or credit union.

Also there are accounts called "second chance" checking account for consumers who have bad ChexSystems reports. These accounts tend to have a higher monthly fee and certain account restrictions (e.g., a limited number of checks you can write per month).

For more info on choosing a Second Chance checking account and banks that offer them, go here:

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I use Woodforest and love them 

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bad credit checking acct.

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You can get a checking account at TD Bank. They are like the old Riverside Bank and don't do credit checks of any kind. they give you a debit card right there on the spot and have a $4 fee per month or zero if you keep your balance above $100. They have an envelopeless ATM too. you don't need an envelope or deposit slip. they are also open Sat. and Sunday.

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I Owed them money and they gave me one

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REGIONS!!! I owed them money from a fews years back, and I was sure that they would never give me another account. I paid the charge off they had attached to my old account and opened a new one all in the same day. 

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a good second chance bank

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have you ever heard of city national bank? it is a second chance bank if you have had problems in the past, I have had this acct for about a year and its a good bank, most of them can be found at a walmart. never had a problem with them and it cost next to nothing to get one hope this helps!!

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How long can they hold a bad account aginst you? Thank you!

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Negative information in ChexSystems stays there for 5 years. Even if you pay it off. UNLESS...the bank that put it there removes it. Perhaps if you make arrangements to pay what you owe, they will remove you. If you ask and they say no, then you are no worse off than you are now.

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Pay off your old debts first....

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If you have old debts with banks such as Bank of America, BB&T, Regions or Suntrust, once you have paid those debts off, they will let you open a new account.

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Bad Credit Bank Account

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I use USAA. It is online. I have been using them for 3 years now, and it is a fantastic bank! 

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I do not pay for checks, the debit card or a monthly fee either. USAA! 

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