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Transunion score different from CreditKarma score?
I was under the impression that Credit Karma publishes the official TransUnion credit score. When I applied for a refinance the broker pulled my credit report from TransUnion and got a very different score. Credit Karma shows 734, broker TransUnion report shows 809. The scores were pulled on the same day. I had used the Credit Karma score in initial discussions with brokers and may have qualified for a lower rate if I new the higher score.
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This is what I've noticed.

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I have 2 credit cards (from different banks) that both provide me with monthly TransUnion credit scores.  One bank shows the score on or about the 7th of the month, the other on or about the 20th of the month.  For the last 3 months, both scores have been consistent 710, 711, and 712.  CreditKarma's TransUnion scores have all been in the 600s (the highest, 664).

When CreditKarma first started, some people joked that their credit scores were FAKO scores (ie., fake).  But when they aligned with TransUnion, I felt there was some hope.  But considering how VAST the difference is between CreditKarma's TransUnion score and the TransUnion scores from 2 other banks, I'm wondering if they've gone back to FAKO scores.

P.S.  FWIW, another bank gives me monthly access to Equifax credit scores ... which are slightly above the TransUnion scores given me by the two banks (719 effective today).  That makes sense.  Scoring in the 600's doesn't.

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P.S. to my last.  BTW, CreditKarma apparently doesn't know that I have one more credit card than they report (Red Canoe Credit Union VISA - $1,000 credit limit).  I got this credit card a few months ago.  Why doesn't it show on my CreditKarma list of cards?  I checked with Red Canoe and they said they've made two reports to the credit bureaus so far.

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Scores never match

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I do not believe any two credit pulls will match.  It seems to me that credit scores are a shot in the dark, with no static scoring.  I too have a vast difference between what CK scores (Equifax 792, Transunion 726) Lending Tree (Transunion 715) (FICO 765) While other true sources; Equifax monitoring says 752, and one of my cards grabs my FICO from Transunion which says 742.  As you can see there are wildly different numbers across the board.

I use the free services to see monitor month to month changes.  If my score is climbing on the free services, more than likely, they are probably climbing on the actual cedit reporting accounts.

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3 Different Transunion Scores

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I subscribed for 3 different websites and they all publish 3 different Transunion Scores.

Mint Credit Monitor- 717 (Transunion)

Lending Tree Transunion 696

Credit Karma Transunion 734

 It's really confusing. I understand there are differences between 3 different credit bureaus (even though I don't understand why), but how come 3 different scores from the same bureau (Transunion)???

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Never pay any attention to the Transrisk score, vintage scroe, or anything else.  The FICO score is the trademark system that lenders use.  All these other formulas is just something to compete, it's NOT THE REAL McCoy!  Fico is a trademark and it cost to use someone's trademark, therefore websites like CK come up with their own system to give u a score because they cannot use another companies trademark without paying them.  And that's why u got all these other scores, like Vintage score, they don't mean anything because Lender's don't recognize them. 

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There are 49 FICO scoring models.. And the lenders pick from the menu....

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it is confusing.  my CK score is 771 my TransUnion is 534; a huge discrepancy.  I wanted to refinancemy mortgage and they want 620 minimum, and do not recognize CK .. I don't see what the point is in paying attention to the CK score?  How can I balanceall of them out??

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ck only gives you guidelines on how the things on your report affects your score in my expereance my ck score was within 10 points of my fico  when my tu score said i was at 675 ck said 639 my fico was 630 so the ck score is the best guideline for me

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My CK credit score and the actual FICO score for TU also do not match (CK = 732, TU FICO = 770). The CK breakdown states my average account age is about 4 yrs old, but FICO says it's 12 yrs. There is obviously a disconnect. CK is giving you their estimate of your FICO score, not the actual score from Fair Isaac (the FICO score company).

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what is the transrisk score in comparison with fico score? is it the same...

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TransUnion,com uses Vantage score. The range is 501-990 while ck uses TransRisk which is 300-850.

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If you got to CK "Credit Center" by clicking on your score you can see your Vantage score as well.

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 Yes, I pulled my credit score from all 3 credit reports. All 3 of them stated I was in the 640 range. But my creditkarma list me at 621. In some cases over 20 points lower.  I don't think creditkarma can be trused to provide a good score. I say this because if all 3 of my credit scores ( Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) range from 640 - 647 why would my ck score be 20 points lower?

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Has anyone ever noticed that when you pull all 3 scores, the site you're using to pull them is always higher than the other 2. I have researched this twice and come to find out the site you use to pull your score, has the correct score for that site, but not for the other 2 sites.

Anyone else come across this?

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