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Significant Score Jump-False Hope?
I had a pretty terrible credit history due to missed student loan and credit card payments. Have two judgments under maiden name as a result, which happened in the past 2 or 3 yrs. Unfortunately, those wont be disappearing anytime soon. I knew those were going to make a significant dent in my credit scores, so we brainstormed how to bring my credit up, so we can work towards getting a new house. (Currently, we rent and I do not have any cars in my name.) My husband, who has never made a late payment and has a longer credit history, has helped me build my credit score back up by adding my name to credit cards he had before we were married. We also started making very small purchases on each credit card and auto-paying each month to increase the number of on time payments. About six months ago, I pulled my free Transunion report. I checked my credit karma score and found it to be at 605. I know you cant rely too heavily on the accuracy of the free credit report numbers in relation to FIco, but kept checking back anyway to see account activity. Since that time, several bad accounts have aged off of my credit report, and my husband added me to a few more cards. I checked again this month and my score has jumped from being "Poor" to being "Good" on TU and "Excellent" on EQ. It has jumped over 100 points. I have heard that it takes two years of hard work for someone to up their credit standing by even 20 points. Is this possible, given that things have aged off and we have added my name? Or is it completely unlikely that a credit score could increase by that much? I have been making improvements, so it should be going up, but I am wondering if my real Fico score has even made it to good standing....Should I bother paying for my Fico score if I'm not looking to get a mortgage loan approval this week, or just wait and trust that my score is going up? How much is realistic?

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Well your score did not jump 100 points.

What did happen is CK is now showing you the TransUnion and Equifax  VantageScore 3.0   it is the same credit score model.   So what you think is a jump is really just another Credit Score model that looks at your credit report information differently then the TransUnion NewAccount Score that we were given before. ( and they still have it you just need to search for it and not sure how much longer they will keep it )

Now with that said, it seems your have a great husband who has been helping with getting your credit report back into shape.   What I done Once a Year is get my FICO scores from  myfico dot com.   Yes you have to pay for them but it will give you a good idea where you stand right now.    from what I have seen would think that your FICO score should be within 15 points +/- 

Hope that helps out.

Also  for building up payment history,  you don't need to make any payments,   just send the Credit Card company something like 1.25 a month.  ( thats what I have been doing on and off  in 2014.  )  
Started off 2014 with

2014-01-19 - Total Payments - 258

and Started 2015 

2015-01-14 - Total Payments - 400

so it does work.

Good Luck.

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