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payoff collections doctor bills or credit cards first???
i got 7 in collections 3 cc and 3 doctor bills also a cable bill. 1 of cc collections i can pay soon got to find a p2d letter.then i was thinking of paying doctor bills. or should i work on cc's first if they affect my credit more just one of the cc'c i may have to wait on due to it being over $3k.any advice?

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Totally agree...Called each collection...paid it over the phone...asked them to delete..some would...some wouldn't....after a few days, I would do the quick dispute and give reasons "paid account" and "they agreed to delete" (even if they didn't agree)....You can give up to two reasons.....All they want is their money so they didn't bother to answer within the 30 days...8 accounts deleted...score has jumped 150 points.... 

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credit card open/ charged off

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I have 2 credit cards that report open / charged off 1 missed payments.. from 2008 & 2009. How can it be boyj open and charged off ? Also how can they report every 2 or 3 years on the same account? It looks as the original owner credit company is the one still posting open charged off. The secondary company who bought the loan dropped from report.

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Don't fully understand your reply, but...

I've opened disputes with Equifax before about listing 'charged off' cards as Open (thus impacting credit utilization %).  I opened a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, after Equifax 'confirmed' the information was correct in two different disputes.  

Their response to the CFPB complaint was:

Equifax has reviewed your complaint and its records regarding your dispute. The Discover account xxxx is reporting as "charged off." Charged off accounts are considered to be closed.

---- Though this Discover card in question is still showing as 'Open' and also showing 90% utilization amount.  I'll probably follow-up with the CFPB.  Maybe not worth it in your case, since this stuff in 2008 and 2009 will drop off soon, as long as you haven't made any payments on them (e.g. to a collection agency or something -- that'll reset your 7 year timer).

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Depending on what type of loan your trying to go for, I suggest paying of credit cards or getting them under 30% of your limit, and then collections and then doctor bills . If your going for an auto loan most dealerships will bypass medical bills. 

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remove town never lived in

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The credit reports show I lived in a town, I have never lived how do I get it removed

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Dispute Collections

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Before I would pay any off I recommend opening a dispute with any and all credit bureaus. One method I had success with was stating No Contract/Contract Cancelled. So far I have had 4 completely removed from Transunion and 6 or 7 from Equifax. Sometimes just a dispute with Transunion got them removed from both accounts. You just have to wear them down and hope they don't verify the debt within 30 days. 

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Scottower Dispute Collections

Hello Scottower,  can you please elaborate on your statement that you stated  "No Contract/Contract Cancelled"  can you give an example? and who did you send this statement to?  Thanks

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