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Need Help understanding credit reports, credit scores, state laws, etc.
Here is a little bit of our story:
We are trying to pay off all of our debt. I paid all of mine last month which was all Doctors bills in collections. I seen they are still showing on my credit report as unpaid or in collections.

My Fiances racked up alot of debit with his ex wife, all credit cards were in his name and she isn't offering to pay for her Victoria Secrets Under Garments and accessories she bought.

We started this journey because Discover pulled out a large sum of money from our Joint Checking Account right before Christmas in 2011. This prompted us to go to a bankruptcy lawyer and get some questions answered and potentionally file bankruptcy. The lawyer said that debt is not married into, and not passed down from parent to child, it is that of the person who created it. He also said that they are not legally allowed to pull from Joint Checking Accounts because they have no way to know who's money was who's to put towards the debt. Now, I don't mind helping my fiance pay off his debt, as he helped me pay off mine. I am upset that Discover came into my joint account, took my money to put towards his debt, which I understood was illegal. I also did not find it fair that papers were filed against our joint account, AFTER they took the money out. We were not sent papers till after the incident, and the papers I have show they were signed after the money was taken out.

We now keep no money in our Joint account and only use my checking account to pay bills. We were going to file bankruptcy, but I couldn't see paying someone all the money that we could put towards the debt, and feel self accomplished.

Some questions:
1. How long does it take for the paid collections to come off my credit reporting?
2. Can someone please help me understand, in plain english, the Credit Reports, Credit scores, and PA state Laws?
3. Should we just pay off all his debt as we can or is there a better way to do this? He owes alot in credit card debt, and we were going to pay as much as we can, when we can.

I have googled searched ideas, state laws, and for help, but honestly everything is so complicated to understand. I would just like some help understanding it all and best way to act against his debt.

Thank you for any help that you can give me!

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