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My mom's debt shows up on my credit report -- how do I fix it?
In college, my mom requested an additional card for me on her (1) 76 station gasoline card account, and (2) Visa credit card account. I thought that these were solely her accounts, but when she stopped paying them, and continued to rack up even more debt that she has not paid off, they showed up on my credit report. Now my credit score is very low, even though I pay my credit cards on time. How do I contest my score?
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This has happened to me, too. We called each card issuer to remove my name from the accounts, but they're still on my report.

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Start with calling the credit card issuer. Perhaps she made it a joint account? I don't recall us ever going after an authorized user for the debt of the owner of the account but perhaps tatics and laws have changed. Regardless you should check with the bank first to determine if is an error.

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