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my equifax dispute is on day 31 still pending..isn't it supposed to be 30 days max?
also the account in question was a $622 capital one debt from 2013 sent to collections shortly after....i'm 99% sure I paid it....
i have tried disputing this like 4 times already with no luck...just kept saying it came back verified blah i tried again and again hoping they cave before I do....I'm not paying this **** card off twice.

.now something is happening....but i don't know what?

about 4 days ago the original capital one account (marked closed derogatory/charge off/sent to collections -along with 5 missed payments) was removed entirely from both transunion and equifax suddenly when i checked credit karma... just gone..

the "open collection" from PORTFOLIO RECOVERY for $622 was deleted from equifax, then replaced with another "open collection" from PORTFOLIO RECOVERY for a balance of $0 (but it still says open collection, and that I owe $0 apparently according to equifax)....transunion still has the collection open for $622 and hasn't changed at all (but the original capitalone derogatory account is completely gone/deleted from both transunion and equifax)

what's going on? and why is the dispute still going? (it was filed march 31 days by my count? 32 if you include the day i filed it

it was not disputed in writing, i used equifax website to dispute it...a week later I disputed the same collection account at the same time on transunion (the PORTFOLIO RECOVERY $622) ...kind of hoping if i overload them with disputes at the same time it might make them mess up/miss the 30 day deadline to verify and that would get it deleted...

can anyone give me some insight here? should I call equifax and ask why the dispute is still pending after 31/32 days now (it says estimated date of resolution was april 9th, last week)

or why it deleted my open collection account for $622 and replaced it with another one saying I owe $0? isn't that "closed" by definition?

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follow up third question:...if the dispute is eventualy resolved ...which if im not mistaken should have been by the 30 day deadline 2 days ago....and this $0 open collection account that just got added suddenly a few days ago..... gets changed to "closed" (instead of open...or even better, deleted entirely like the original derogatory cap one account did suddenly a few days ago)...will it automatically update  this on the other two reporting bearueas? 

this open collection has been KILLING my credit, and i'd bet someone else's first born child I paid it ....i'm fighting tooth and nail to the death to remove it before i pay those jerks twice...having this finally go away would be a year long monkey off my back and a HUGE boost to rebuilding my credit. (i just paid of $4,000 of debt on my last open account a few weeks ago, which was a good start i think, even though i'm broke now)

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they can't hit you for mutliple accounts on your report, for only one account. so when the account was transferred to the collections agency, that's why they deleted the original one. this used to be a game collections agencies would play back in the day, they would keep selling the accounts and you'd have duplicate accounts all over the place. they have modified the laws of the FCRA and do not allow this any more. the fact they deleted the original and updated the balance to 0 / closed tells me they are responding to your disputes and getting information.  

after thirty days, if they cannot verify the information, or just don't have time, they must delete the account. however, in your post you verified that your equifax account was indeed updating with new information. that tells me that they are indeed working on it. i'm not sure how legally binding their "status update" page is in terms of getting something deleted due to failure to complete within 30 days.  

the answer to your second question is NO. under this situation the credit agencies do not communicate with each other. they all do their own research on disputes, and you will have to dispute with each agency seperately. also keep in mind there is a third agency, experian, which credit karma does not utilize. i'd get with them also to see how they are reporting and start the online dispute process with them. 

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30 dispute

I understand they have 30 days to investigate a dispute and if the account can not be verified then they must delete the account but does anyone know if the 30 days includes the weekend or if it excludes them ?

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