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My credit scores dropped 100 points after new CK webpage design....what happened?
Checked my credit scores this morning (1/23/15) and i see CK has new webpage design. Scores are 100 points lower now than they were last week..........what happened?

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my score dropped for absolutely no reason as well as others I know. Some people's score shot up for no reason when the system changed. My score at my banks did not drop.

So I will no longer consider Krama score until they correct their errors!!!!!!

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My scores dropped 50+ points also, but when I checked directly with Transunion, Experian and Equifax. they have not changed at all.  Somehting is terribly wrong with Credit Karma since the change.  I cannot rely on them now.

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I thought it was me, and perhaps I wasn't remembering my score correctly.  Mine dropped by about 80 points.  So tired of this credit reporting game.  So glad I own my home and have been saving for any unexpected expenses.

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mine dropped over 100 points in two weeks for no reason I am reporting this to the BBB and whoever else can investigate BS

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They changed to Vantage 3.0

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You can't compare it to the old models directly due to weighting and range differences. There's no point in trying. Just consider it a new day after the change and watch the changes from here, since those are more telling than a numeric score anyway. The most useful thing this site has is quick access to two of your credit reports (TU and Equifax) for free along with reporting dates. Protip: Pay off cards within the last few days before they report to keep utilization low for scoring purposes, since it will be a snapshot of what it was on that day of the month.

Lenders may use any of a wide variety of scoring models tailored to their industries to ascertain your credit worthiness, so all you can do is keep it clean and try to keep it increasing in as many models as possible. Keeping it clean is a game, but if you know what info they're working with (the info reported to the agencies), you have a lot more control over it.

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My opinion based on research

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I thinks its the difference between getting you transunion/ equ fax credit scores (that's what we are getting now) and your vantage score (what we were seeing before.). That highest vantage score is about 150 points higher than the highest credit score.

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dropped score

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Mine dropped as well. But I don't see CK responses to any of the others. Why did our scores drop?

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credit score

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I think this website is just another scam.  I have brought all of my credit cards down, pay everything on time and my score gets lower and lower,  WTF

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credit score drop

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I opened a secured credit card to help build credit and my score improved for a couple of months dramatically and then all of a sudden it dropped drastically with the redesign.  I, too, am baffled by this.  I wish they would come up with a better, more accurate system.  Also, I have paid off EVERYTHING that was on my Credit Bureau Reports this past year, (including a disability discharge on my student loans) so my reports are totally clean.  There is absolutely no reason for this foolishness.  My score should be significantly more than what is showing with all that I have done.  

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Along with the redesign they changed from using the transrisk score to the vantage scroe 3.0.  Transrisk was always known to show higher than FICO.  Vantage score has a larger range than fico and is designed to give you the equivlant of a letter grade based on the hundreds digit (9xx=A, 8xx=B, 7xx=C, 6xx=D, etc.)  It also priorties some things differently than the FICO score, though it also depends on which FICO model.  There are different models used for different types of credit (loans, revolving, etc).  I get my FICO from three different credit cards.  Two of which use Equifax and they are always 20+ points off from each other due to different models being used and different dates the scores are pulled. 

In short, your score has not changed, it is just a different version of your score, and your FICO score is likely higher than you Vanage score for most people.

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Score Drop

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My score dropped why is that and who do I contact? My score dropped by 63 points.

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same here

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My scores dropped dramatically too... which, reading the responses I can see why, but it would have been nice if CK has let us know.  Not a fan of the new site as I can't seem to track my personal trends anymore.

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New website sux

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This new webiste is terrible.

Customer service is aweful.

its been well over a month and my credit cards and score have remained the same, when I have paid everything off.

My score is worse since the new change.

No way I can rely on this website ever again after they screwed it up with this new transition.

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