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Lexington Law and increasing score
I just signed up for lexington law. I am trying to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. Has lexington law worked for anyone? Also anyone have any tips on what I can do to increase my score. I have a lot of charge offs and collection accts. I am just ready to start rebuilding my credit. I am going to get a secured card next month and hopefully that will start helping as well.

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Using Lexington law

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I am currently using Lexington Law for 3 months now 5 items have been removed but I am not seeing my credit score improving on Credit Karma. WHY IS THAT??????

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Here is something to consider! . Very interesting read about lexington law and their marketing tactics. 

Credit is extremely complexed and everyone's is different. What may work for one person may not work for another. There are too many moving parts to just say "YES" this will work. You need a professional that can sit down with you to determine your best route. Getting secured cards and improving your payment history is a very important step as payment history is 35% of your score. Getting rid of bad trade lines can help improve the score further. These must be done together and not seperate. How you get bad trade lines removed is another story. It depends on the lender, if it's with the original creditor or collection agency, how it's reporting (status codes), type of account (collection, charge off, public record, etc) and other factors. This will determine the kind of service you need. Sometimes sending dispute letters isn't enough and you may need the assistance of a professional who can settle debts for you as well. All I'm saying is there's never a clear cut answer and neither is the company. 

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You'd mentioned collections and bankruptcy, I wrote an article regarding your situation on my credit blog you'll want to read.

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lexington law

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I have been using the Lexington law group that has done 11 removals in a 2 month period. To me that sounds great like my score should be increasing but I see the improvment in lexington law but not on credit Karma. Why is that?

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I do not know but I have same question for them . They have removed 5 items but not showing on my credit karma report. I am gonna call tomorrow an find out why..

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Very Unsatisfied with Lexington Law...

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I did pay Lexington Law hundreds of dollars to try and get a wrongly applied Tax Lien which was discharged/satisfied off my Credit Reports which they said they should be able to get removed in a month or two, well 3-4 months later and hundreds of dollars in payments to them all I got was my inbox flooded with e-mails and the Tax Lien remains on my reports. To add to my frustration when I went to cancel their service they wanted to charge me for another month of service.  I see that some of their Reps respond to questions on this board... I welcome a response from them on this.

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Bankruptcy Great for Debt Bad for Credit

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Bankruptcy is great for outstanding debt, especially if it's something you think will be impossible to repay in this life.

Unfortunately, it's also terrible for credit: Bankruptcy will stay on your report 7-10 years. I have had clients who are denied credit even with a 9 yr-old bankruptcy on their reports.

Negative history is often re-reported after the bankruptcy is discharged as well.

If your ultimate goals include:

A home

A vehicle

Or any other larger purchase, bankruptcy will keep you from those goals.

If you do want professional help fixing your credit I'd be happy to help. Lexington Law has removed negative history off our clients credit reports for 23+ years including:

2,017,882 Collections in 2012

509,067 Late Payments in 2012

My name is Robert Kinghorn. Call me at 800-641-2930 Ext. 11395

I'd be happy to help. :)

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Hi I am currently using Lexington law firm an needed to contact them but had lost all contacts in my cell. I am glad I saw this with their number. I like what they have done for me so far. An I agree Bankrupcy is Not the way to go. Tyvm

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Lexington Law

Hi so far in 3 months they have removed 5 things for me so yes it is working so far.. :)

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Lexington law

I have lost all contacts in my cell an I need the telephone number to Lexington law could someone plz post their number? I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you

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