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Issues with Credit Simulator
Can someone please tell me why when I go in and simulate 24 months on time payments my credit score goes down. I was under the impression that on time payments should bring your score up not down. I discovered this issue back around the first of August. The issue was acknowledge, but I have not heard back from any one since. Is this issue still being address or is it just being ignored and Credit Karma is hoping that I would just go away?
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Don't even bother with the simulator. It doesn't work- and hasn't worked for months and months. There are countless postings on this very subject, but nothing ever gets done about it. Sours me on the rest of this entire website.

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I think the simulator is broken. It is a 'SIMULATOR' and therefore should only be looking at your current number and the changes you 'simulate.' It seems to only be able to lower your number or keep it the same.  I tried to 'simulate' everytning positive and the number did not change. adding anything negative lowered it.

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The simulator works fine.  But it's based on fixed percentages that may or may not be accurate.  It also considers current position with these factors to determine if any impact will be made.

For example, if your utilization is 15%, doing the "Pay off all credit cards" won't do anything, because in CK's factors, anything less than 20% for utilization is as good as it gets.

I would like to see them add other random things - zero inquiries, close newest credit card, remove public record, remove all derogatory items, etc.

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True there are other factors at work,  but an on-time credit history should always be considered positive and make your score go up ... never down.   I have the same issue with the score going down when the only thing I try to simulate is an on-time credit history.

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I'd like the option to test smaller payments. If we could see how much good paying off $100, $200, $500, etc. would do, it'd be far more useful. Going from $0 to $1000 in one click assumes a higher income and total debt that doesn't apply to lots of us living frugally on next to nothing.

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does anyone know if the "adding a credit card" part of the simulator already considers the hard pull, or do you have to add that in from it's own category?

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the way to improve you credit score is to make a payment or pay  off the credit card PRIOR  to statement closing dates. The credit cards report your balance upon statement closing dates. So for example , if you have 1000 balance and make a payment of 200 before the statement date.. they will report 800 upon statement closing. If you pay the 1000 before statement, you balance will be reported a 0. The % amount of debt to available credit is what changes your score. The larger percentage of available credit to debt is what moves your credit scores up or down. % of less than 30 percent of debt to availalbe credit is the best to get the higher score towards fico

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I think Credit Karma is broke period! Not just the simulator. My credit score goes down every month even though I have on time payments. I've added some small balances on credit cards because so many retaiklers are offering 24 months no interest deals that it would be silly not to take advantage of but that should be a small impact on my credit score. All other credit ratings from Transunion, equifax, etc remain high while CK has gone from 740 to 667. 

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My on-time payments score is and has been 100%, yet simulating 24 months of ontime payments, according to the simulator, should increase my score by 16 points. But for the past 24 months (and longer than that) I have been paying on-time. So my score should not have increased as I cannot improve on my timeliness of the payments any more. :-)  

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 They score us and the government can't even pay their own bills!

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