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Is there any way I can raise my terrible credit score. I cannot afford to pay my credit cards.
I have nearly $6,000 in credit card bills and I only make $10,000 a year. (I make only a dollar over the state's minimum wage) All my cards are just a few dollars away from maxed out. I can only afford minimum payments and I still use what little left I have on these cards because I make so little money.

My score is a 594. I used to have a 720 and it makes me depressed that this has happened. I have Amazon Store Card, ($2,500/$2,800 spent) Amazon Visa ($480/$500 spent) and American Express Blue Cash Everyday ($2,900/$3,000 spent, had the card suspended because I couldn't even afford the minimum payments which were around $90 a month)

Is there ANY WAY I can increase my credit score at this point? I do make all of my payments on time. If I don't use these cards and reduce the amounts by only like $150 a month, will that make any impact. I feel hopeless. I don't pay rent, but the only money I have is for food and bills. I also pay $105 monthly phone bill. I only make $400 every other week.

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I'm thinking your interest rates are high on the cards, and most of your payment is going towards interest. You've  been over utilizing your cards, in relation to what you can pay. Check with your card companies and see if they'll close your cards and reduce your interest rate to 4% or 6%. If they won't, then you might want to contact a credit repair firm, such as Lexington Law, or research others for their fees. They will negotiate a payments schedule to get your cards paid off. Otherwise bankruptcy might be an option. 

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first let me say , im so sorry for your situation. now heres the hard part. nut up. you did this to yourself. right now you dont even need to be thinking about rasing your credit score you need to be thinking about paying your debts. unless you want to write them off let them all hit collections live without credit for 12 plus years. 7 for them to drop of however the last 120 late wont be for a while trust me they will drag it out. and then theres the phone calls. 

you want nice things , you pay for them. you have been living beyond your means for quite some time and you knew you were. pay your bills. its hard yes but it can be done. get a second job. dont complain to me, works hard ow boo hoo , i work 84 hours a week minimum.. sometimes 126 hours a week. 40 and your feet hurt ? right... dont complain to me. 

tough love is the hardest. CUT all the cards. make the payments get another job pay double the required. start by targeting the one with the lowest amount as much as you can ever time you get paid. kill the smallest first. do NOT charge more cut those cards up you do not deserve them.

you can either do this , or file chapter 11 or 7 which is sad because thats only 6 grand , your that financially irresponsible ... makes me laugh i can swipe one card and not hurt my utilization.....

your gonna have to do it the hard way you made this mess now deal with it or be prepaired to live on cash for a very very very long time , of which you have little to begin with.... make it happen 

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