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Income and significant drop in score
I have two issues here and would really appreciate some help!

One is a late payment. I never received a bill from a company. I tried calling and was on hold so long, a message said to try again at a later time. I was in hospital and ended up forgetting. It turns out it was a total of 19 days late when I paid it. Now my credit score went from 666 to 635! I contacted Commenity and told them I'd not received a bill. They said there was nothing they could (or would) do about reporting my late payment. I've not been late on one payment in over 2 years. Now, with a 69.00 lowered my score. Is there anything I can do to remove this? I want to cancel every one of those store accounts and stick with the major cards, but I know that will do more harm than I will not use them and let them sit.

My second issue is my income. I've read where your income does not affect your credit score, but then I also read that your debt to income ratio will affect how a creditor determines your worthiness. Which is correct?

I removed a substantial amount of money from both of my savings and both checking accounts and invested it with Edward Jones. I'd rather not link my money market account with EJ or investments I have. It shows my cash on hand went from $104,000.00 to $2,000.00 in a period of about two months. Could that be part of why my score dropped (in additional to the late payment)? We have investment property that is for sale that will increase our COH quite a bit when it sells. In the meantime, it bothers me that it is counted against me because I do not have the cash reported to credit companies. It is reported on taxes.

If income (debt to income ration) affects it, how do I keep from not having all my income/cash on hand reported without it affecting my credit score? It doesn't seem fair, does it? I have over $58,190.00 in available credit with a total balance of just over $8,585.00 (thanks to my medical bills). This puts me at 15% utilization. I was always between a 2%-3% utilization until some very high unexpected medical costs came up.

Thank you

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