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In my Inquiry Account, FA CREDCO is listed. Where did this inquiry come from/why?
I never applied for any credit on July 26.
I need to know what this is all about.
Who inquired and why?

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FACredco & Credco - Phone Number Found!

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I had the same thing happen to me! I did a search on the 'net and found out that FACredco and Credco are the same company -- as many of you already know.  The parent company of these two is CoreLogic.  If you email them, you will get a response in 2-3 days asking you to contact their customer service dept which is open M-F 6a - 6p (Pacific).  Their number is: 800-637-2422. 

CoreLogic is a third-party credit reporting agency that deals mainly with mortgage lenders.  When you call their customer service, they will tell you which company asked them to pull your credit report.  If CoreLogic does not have a date that matches what is on your credit report, I was told that you can and should dispute it directly with the credit reporting agencies.

Good Luck everyone!

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I had a Credco inquirey on my report yesterday and I had no idea what for, so i called the number above (800-637-2422) and they were able to help me. Companies hire CoreLogic to run credit reports. They were able to look up my account via my name. In my case, my credit union has requested a credit report for a loan I applied for. It was all legit. I was a little more defensive with the guy on the phone than I needed to be :-(

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FA CREDCO provides merged credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus. They are not fraudulent. I received a hard inquiry on each report from them when I recently applied for a mortgage through my credit union. Hope this helps.

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FA credco is Wells Fargo!

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I found out this morning, without my permission Wells Fargo pulled my credit report for an unsolicited car loan. I did not request or apply for a car loan with them!

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for all dealings with wells fargo.... you will be on the  loosing side....

always fine another lender....    

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Pulled credit when I said no!

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This company is deceiving,and not to trusted.I did not give permission to pull my credit report.This company hurt my credit almost 40 points.They told me sorry,but did not do ANYTHING to fix this mistake.I was only looking at the possibilities,but they terned this into a nightmare for me. I plan on filing with 2 other government consumer fraud unites.IT IS FAR FROM OVER,after facredco won't even communicate,or try to.BAD COMPANY NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

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I'm trying to get this WELLS FARGO off of my credit. I'm not nor affiliated with this company nor bank. I have no account with them whatsoever. They really need to stop doing this. That's why there is so many lawsuits with this bank as we speak.

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 What I've found is that FA CREDCO puls your report ...and can pull from all three bureaus...for motgage and auto loan companies. They kind of do a more extensive check for the companies whom you've contacted for loans.

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FA Credco

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Same thing, my credit score dropped 20 points.  I have no idea what this is for.  This is obviously a problem for alot of people.  I have read online that they are a scam.

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Credco Inquiry

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I just saw this on my credit report.  Does anybody know if this can be disputable?  I didn't authorize anybody from this company to pull my credit.  I know i went to a car dealership a few days ago, could it be requested by them.  Someone advise pls.

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Credco IMS?

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I just got an alert about this and read everyones comment. No one has been able to find a response about this people? Though compare to others, it actually made my score go up?

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The names in a credit report are very cryptic... you have to guess who they are.

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