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If I pay off a collection account will my credit score improve?
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The problem is getting the collection agency to submit a letter on company letterhead that the debt is paid in full and all obligations have been met. Then the next problem is getting the reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion - to remove it from your records. The last two are more agreeable to making changes, but Equifax starts with the premise that "civilians" are liars. They only accept creditor documents to remove something from your records, though they will allow a consumer statement to explain your position. (Yeah, that will do a lot.)

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my situation is unique, please read

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my collections issue is with an electric bill. I didnt know it existed because i vacated the residence and my brother assumed the residence with the landlords permission. I tried to help my brother by leaving electric in my name. anyways the short of it is that i didnt know it even existed until i got onto credit karma. ( thank goodness for you guys) anyways, Ive contacted the collections agency (YEAH, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, I CALLED THEM)  i mailed a partial payment. the current balance doesnt reflect my payment. it was 1338, i paid 100. it is showing a balance of 614. they dont ever call me or contact me by mail. im SURE, due to my rare last name, that they could easily find me if they wanted to and fill my mailbox with harassing letters but they dont.... I wanna clear my conscience and get this off my credit report as i see it there every month. I'll deal with my brother and the balance he owes me later but seriously, what should I do about this.... the water is so murky with choices regarding what i should do...

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Collection Agency Won't Delete Info.

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I've contacted collection agencies that I owe to get them to send me confirmation in writing that the negative info. will be removed from my credit report upon receipt of full payment. They all say that they can't do this. What do I do? Should I just pay them anyway? I'm really trying to improve my credit. All of my accounts are no more than 3 years old.  Thanks in advance.

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Fixing Collections that are not mine.

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I have a very odd situation that i dont know how to fix.. I had an account with Duke energy and lived with my girlfriend but we broke up and she moved into a new place as did I but the bill was currently still in my name AT HER NEW ADDRESS. We then transfered it to her name and i thought everything was ok. Well come to find out i have a payment in collections a year later with an account that was supposed to be transfered to her personal info and at an address that i wasn't living at with power i wasn't using. If i get a written letter and signature from my ex stating i was not living there at the time and she takes full responsibilty as well as a copy of her lease showing i wasn't on it can i get this collections to go away?? I don't even have access to the Duke Energy account so how could i even pay it off anyways?!?!?!?!?

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Positive Credit or lack of positive credit has as much or more impact on a credit score. Now that point deduction technology is finally available to consumers we are able to increase and maintain our credit scores in a short period of time.

Point Deduction Technology is a software program designed to analyze your credit data. Credit scores range from 350 to 850 leaving the possibility of capturing up to 500 points.

The software recognizes many factors used in credit scoring and assigns a point deduction number per item on a credit report. The assigned numbers will range from 0 to 100+ depending on the type of accounts reported.

The analysis separates the short term and long term point deductions, posting recommendations to recover the necessary points to increase a credit score.

www, analyzes a borrower's total credit picture based on the data reported by the bureaus. The combination of a borrower's total credit picture as well as each individual item are factors in determining the score impact of each individual item on a report. ScoreNavigator determines with 92% accuracy the point impact of each trade line on a credit report, whether positive or negative.

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I had a old medical bill that was turned over for collection. It was 250.00 . It shows up as 4 or 5 different billings on credit report. It has been paid off for months and still reflects on my credit as 4 bad debts. The companies and /or bureaus refuse to remedy the report. I'd say that whether ya pay or don't pay makes them no difference. Not fair , but true.

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 i have a collection on my report for 70.00 dollars from a medical bill, i want to pay it off but i think if did i wpuld drop my already poor score of 610 what should i do i am trying to improve my score to get a house

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I contacted a company that I had two months worth of collection history and they stated they were sending a letter to me and to the three credit agencies to have it removed. Will that increase my credit score a lot or a little?

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Yes, mine went up 50 points when my collections were disputed.

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