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if i pay my credit cards off will my credit score go up
i owe 600 dollars between two cards and wonder if i pay them how much would my credit go up
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how can i get a credit card if they keep deline me if i never had one

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Yes and No....It depends how long you have had the accounts open,If you pay them off it is great. BUT you don't want to close them. Furthermore you don't want to ever max any card out. EVER!!! Here is what I would do ...if you owe 300 dollars between both cards which equals 600 250 on each one....that increases your available credit limit, keeps the accounts open, and you can make the minimum monthly payments on the rest that is due to build more on time payment history. Then After they are paid in full do that again..charge like 100 on each one...this may seem dumb...but it a way you can show creditors that you can pay on it will build your score more than just paying them off and not using them...Check this site out if you need more info on how credit works, read and also go to the forums section a lot of your questions will be answered.

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