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I need to get my credit score up fast, as in four months!! how do I go about doing this?
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Challenge / dispute
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Challenge anything that is negative on your account and or call up the banks and ask if they will remove negative items that are holding down your score.  Before you call the banks make sure you’ll been paying your debts to that bank on time.  It easier for the banks to forgive your past late payments if you’ll been current making timely payments.

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pay down your balances and make sure you are payin everything early or on time.. if you ask for a line increase as someone else has suggested you run the risk that they will do another credit pull on you, and the new inquiry will drop your score, not improve it..

no new inquiries, no big purchases, pay down your balances, and make every payment early or on time.  

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Ask your current credit card companies to increase your credit limit.

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Reduce credit card balances to below 30% of limits at all times.  Don't apply for credit for four months.  The enquiries to credit will hurt the score.  Don't close any credit card accounts.  Read up under credit scores this site .  Good Luck.

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