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I have a low Credit score of 525, how can I get a credit card? Do I need a bank account?
I am trying to improve my credit score by getting a credit card with a low limit and paying it on time every month. Will pthis make my credit better in addition to my question?
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With your score, you will only get a secured card. All secured cards are backed by a savings acct. So essentially to answer your question-YES, you will have to have a savings acct with the place you choose to get a card at.

Beware of high intrest rates and annual fees, they can be as high as $80 A YEAR FEE AND 29% INTREST on a secured card.

One place I have not heard many people talk about is credit unions.  I just opened an acct with my local credit union and they offer secured laons as low as $500 and secured credit cards also, Plus with the credit union I am with, they have NO ANNUAL fee and intrest rate is only 8.95%, however it is a revolving rate and not a APY rate-so you start to incur intrest the day you use it. However with the savings of the annual fee and low intrest rate, I feel it is still way better then most secured cards I have see offered.

So I would suggest looking into your local credit union.

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You don't need a bank account to open a credit card.  Public Savings secured card or Ochard Bank.  Good Luck.

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You don't need a bank account to get a credit card. Choose wisely when you are searching for a credit card - interest rates, fees etc. Read the fine print!!!!

Using your credit card wisely, paying every month and not carrying a balance over will help build your score. Good Luck!!!!!

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I believe you DO need a bank account to get a PSB credit card.  You have to give them account info to xfer your deposit.

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