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i have 1 account in collections,it affected my credit big time. if i pay it will it improve my credi
i had a medical bill go to collections and dropped my credit over 150 points. if i find this bill and pay it will it help improve my credit? or who do i call for help? i dont know what to do
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Paying it will probably help a bit. But once something has gone into collections, you have a major negative on your credit record which will stay there for several years. How old is this bill? If it's already several years old, your best course might just be to ignore it and ignore any contacts about it; in that case, it will roll off your record in seven years from the time it went bad. If it's fairly recent, then you may want to find out who owns that debt and arrange to pay it or settle it for an agreed-upon amount. To find out who holds the debt now, try going to and getting free copies of your credit report from all three bureaus. If the reports don't give you sufficient information to track down the collection agency, go back to the billing department of the hospital or clinic where you incurred the bill and see if you can find out who they sold it to. Be aware that, in contacting creditors, and especially in arranging payment plans, you risk "re-aging" the debt and ending up with it on your record for another seven years.

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