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I feel so worthless with my credit score
I have a very low credit score. Most of my mistakes were when I was young and dumb. I have a credit card through capital one and pay it on time every month in full. My student loans are all current but my score still barely budges. I want to fix my score and make it better. I understand it will not happen overnight. IS there any other things I should be doing?

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Not carry a balance, please.

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If you will look closely at your credit card statement, it will show a closing date.  That is the date the company adds up all the charges made to that point and posts them to your bill.  That "Total due" is the amount you want to pay each month.  To give an example, your credit card has a $2000 limit.  The closing date is the 25th of the month and the due date is the 15th of the month.  You charge $400 between the 1st and 25th of this month, then another $100 by the end of the month.  Since the closing date is the 25th, the bill you receive by the end dof the month will show $400 as "Total Amount Due.  That remaining $100 will be included in the next month's bill.  You will not have to pay any interest on the account  It sounds as if you are keeping track of ALL the charges you made between the first and 30th of the month and paying that amount when the bill comes in.  While admirable, it is actually hurting your score this way.  Pay only the Total Amount Due.

Another good thing to do is to keep your total charges on the card between 10 and 20% so, for a $2000 card, you want total charges to be about $200 to $400 or less to have your card utilization to be in the very good to excellent range.

Have you checked all your credit reports?  You do want to make sure to do so annually.  Go to and get all 3 reports.  Check them over carefully and file a dispute on each erroneous item with the credit bvureau reporting them.  They have to investigate and either verify or delete the item.

And don't go beating yourself over  the mistakes you made when you were "youn g and dumb" because it's likely we've all been there.  I have and I'm OLD. LOL
Just work on keeping all payments on time and your credit usage in the advised limits (follow advice from the articles and other info on this site) and your score will be excellent sooner than you might expect.     

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I think JWsister's advice is spot-on. But, I see another avenue I think you're missing.

The amount of available credit to you is too low. That affects your score, too. If I use JWsister's example of having a card with a $2,000 limit, then that's all the credit you have! $2,000!

Believe it or not, and this sounds bad, but you need additional credit. Even if this means opening a secured credit card or obtaining store credit cards, you need both more credit and more credit lines. Securing more credit cards is probably the best way (and easiest) to do this.

Yes, it sounds contradictory. And Yes, you'll get hit with additional hard pulls and possibly an additional drop in score. However, if you attempted to obtain 2 cards in the next 12 months, it won't affect your score that much. If you're score is already low, then what do you have to lose?

Granted, you might take a short-term hit on your credit score to start, but your score will rebound as you use those cards and pay them.

Once your score is high enough for a car loan, you may want to look into that. Different types of credit on your report is also important, and an installment loan can mean a big boost to your score in a short period of time.

My wife was an immigrant. When I met her in 2002, she had NO credit and NO social security number. I got her a SS number, and I started her on a $500 secured credit card and worked from there. Now she has $40K available CC limits, 2 open car loans, and a FICO of 770.

The system DOES work if you understand ALL of the aspects of what goes into a score.

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Carrying a zero balance like you are does not help your score. Carrying 10-15% would be better. It will show a better payment history and your utilization will help your score.

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I am in the VERY Same situation, LOTS of mistakes from when I was younger. I have had a secured cc for about 3 months now, that and my student loan are my only open evolving accounts. I am hoping this boosts my score as well as I am wanting to buy a home soon. Best of luck to you!

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I think alot of people can relate to you

im in the same situation as well, i started out good and then got too many things to fast and some i paid and some i ended up not being able to, now im married trying to purchase a home, and me n my husband are having to do serious damage control on our credit, 70% of my debt is school loans so i got on a program to pay a il each moth and get my defaults into good standings, I got a tv loan and a computer which the computer i needed and i make sure i pay every month usually early, and i didnt think it would help my score becuase i have SO many accounts in negative and collections, but just the few things ive done in 3 months brought my credit score up from 498 to a 519 and my experian went up to 533, my problem is im credit dumb, i didnt really care until now, and its overwhelming finding a starting point and knowing how to get your score up the right way without damaging it more, i took the first steps and now im working on other parts, like the accounts i never had disputing them one step at a time, i didnt really think credit would be so quickly affected, but for me it was. so hang in there if i can fix my credit, anyone can lol

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