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I can't afford my payments; but I "make too much" to file bankruptcy. Now I might be sued. Advice?
I am domestic violence survivor and my debts are directly related to my former spouse's control over our finances. I am now on my own with two children. I have $21,000 in credit card debt. My former spouse does not pay his child support and he does not pay spousal support. He owes me a $35,000 equalization payment, which he also refuses to pay. I cannot afford an attorney to assist with collecting this payment. They all tell me it's very expensive. To support my kids, I need to keep every penny from my paychecks. I've stopped paying the credit cards. One is now considering referring my account to an attorney for possible lawsuit. I cannot afford any payment but a BK attorney told me I make too much money to qualify for a BK. I understand my wages can eventually be garnished. If that were to happen, I would truly be unable to support my family. Any thoughts?

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Thats a tough one...

here is a link to some good info at Bankrate.

You don't mention how the accounts were set up or who is legally responsible, are they all joint accounts, weather their already legal documents in place?  There are things you can do. It will take some effort.

In addition to the advice at bankrate, consider adding a personal statement to your account.  With the Derogitory remarks on your file now, You can at least explain your circumstances and it may help out when trying to rent or with deposits on utilities etc. 

Your credit is probably not in good shape anyway, so Time is going to be a factor in cleaning it up.

I'm glad to see your making an effort to find out what you can do now instead of waiting till it really gets bad.  I think there is more that you can do to fix than you think.  Find an advocate organization to work with you and for your kids in getting your Ex to take responsiblility and don't be affraid to go after what he owes you through legal means.  Nothing gets attention like a payroll garnishement.  

Given your situation I understand that you may not want to have contact with your ex, You have to finally decide for yourself what actions you want to persue,  but "The Squeaky wheel gets the grease"  

Good luck, It, eventually, will get better. 

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