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i am overwhelmed with debt, how do i file for bankruptcy?

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I filed in 2000 due to my now ex-husband's exuberant use of my credit. When I dumped him, unfortunately I kept the credit. It was all in my name anyway.

Find a good attorney. Be prepared to pay for good service, though. Get all your records together. Download all the bank and credit statements you can because you have to have that information.

Can you get credit after bankruptcy? Yes. Should you? That depends on you. It is impossible to get through life these days without credit.

A year after my bankruptcy, we bought a house. Now we are refinancing. Three years later, I purchase a car with a loan for the first time. I paid cash for every other car.

It takes a long time for the bankruptcy to clear off your record, so you will have to pass on a lot of the extras in life. Then again, if you are considering bankruptcy, you need to pass on those extras anyway.

Try using something like Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University or Suze Orman's products to retrain yourself how to use money. It is harder than you might think. Yet easier than your fear. Discipline. That is the key. Learn to say "no" to yourself, your spouse, and especially to your kids. If you cannot pay cash for it, you don't need it. And that's the ticket...learning how and sticking to a zero-based budget.

You may not even have to file after following the right steps.

My credit is taking a beating right now, but then again so is everyone elses. I have considered re-filing, but instead I am working a Debt Snowball to pay off instead of file. We may be on the beans and rice diet, but so far we are okay.

We have our house (such as it is), we have our pets, and we have each other. The kids have moved out and are on their own.

My husband just received a layoff notice after 16+ years of dedicated service to NASA via contractors. I am disabled. So I understand how the butterflies multiply and try to fly away with your intestines. But we will make it through.

And so can you.

The most important thing I had to learn to do was forgive myself for filing. It ate me alive because I was never one to run from something. My first husband put me in over $100,000. I paid that off. My second got me for over $200,000. That I could not.

Now, the number is lower, but the stress is still there. Yet we persevere. You can too.

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Find a good local bankruptcy attorney

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Experienced and knowledgeable layer will not only help filling appropriate paperwork but will also make suggestions on what chapter to file based on your specific situation.  You want to be sure that you not only trying to wipe all your debts and then end up having debtor sue you.  Everything should be carefully considered especially the fact that you will a badly tarnished credit record/score for the next 5 - 10 years.  Also be sure you have enough CASH saved "under the mattress" in case you'll need to make security deposits for an apartment or etc.

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How do I file?

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Can I file bankruptcy on my own?

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Hey Hulk,

I'd definitely recommend an attorney because they know everything to with what kind of chapter you'd have to file and answer all questions and gather the necessary paperwork...just make sure you feel comfortable with him or her and you'll be fine. Good luck!

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